An Xbox One Achievement That People Are Selling On eBay

An Xbox One Achievement That People Are Selling On eBay

They say that everything has a price — and this axiom apparently includes Xbox One achievements, judging from recent eBay listings. Thing is, these achievements are extra special — they come bundled with the limited number of “Day One” editions of the Xbox One. As the name suggests, these are consoles made to commemorate the launch of the Xbox One. Only those that pre-ordered this version of Xbox Ones will get the special ‘Day One’ achievement.

Unless, of course, you buy it. The achievement comes in the form of a code, which anyone can redeem — naturally, they’ve shown up on eBay. As of this writing, most codes seem to be going for about $US30-50 dollars. That’s about as much as people are pricing weed emoticons on Steam.

It’s not a super exorbitant amount or anything, but still: people are selling an Xbox One achievement. Because of course they are. And people are bidding on Xbox One achievements. Because of course they are.


  • It’s silly to me, but not a big issue really. If they Wanted $1000 I’d be shaking my head, but $30 is hardly a lot, particularly if someone wants it. Different strokes, and all that.

  • I don’t see a difference between this and someone buying a limited edition book, a rare car or a super rare trading card. Sure it is a digital line of code that simple says “Day One Xbox Owner” but to some people those achievements are their stamp, coin or action figure collection.

    • I dunno. A rare book, car or trading card is tangible. You can hold it, display it, and there’s a good chance it will keep increasing in value. An Xbox Achievement becomes worthless the second you redeem the code. Sure you have the digital value there for showing off, but in the end you just spent $30-$50 on a piece of paper and a few pixels.

      • Yeah, and to me the point of the Day One achievement is that it’s kind of a neat thing to commemorate that you got your console at launch. If you have to buy it, then… why?

        Well, unless you’re Leonard Shelby. That’d make sense I guess.

      • I treat achievements like a stamp collection more than a number to increase. It’s not a physical thing but I enjoy completing a full 1000/1000. You wouldn’t say an XBOX game has no value because it’s just pixels (the disc itself really is just the box the pixels come in).
        Talking about value doesn’t really mean much to a collector. They may know the value of their collection and take some pride in it, but the point isn’t to have $5,000 worth of basketball cards it’s to have the most complete set possible.

        • Dude a XBOX game is a cd with pixels in it the achievement is just a card with a code. You cannot compare the two.

          • I’m just saying if you want to get down to the ‘it’s not worth anything because it’s not a physical object’ argument a CD is pretty much just a delivery device for a game, and that doesn’t make a game worthless. I wouldn’t spend thousands on baseball cards but I’m not going to say you’d have to be an idiot to want a complete set or some specific cards for a collection.
            Achievements are definitely worthless, but to someone who enjoys collecting them $30 might be worth it. Especially considering they almost certainly have Day One XBOX Ones.

  • Who honestly cares if someone bought their xbox one day one or not? Are they going to be shunned by their fellow gamers if they have this achievement if they don’t? That $30 – $50 could be better spent in my opinion.

    • I dare someone to auction it on eBay then give all the proceeds to charity, you wouldn’t do it because gamers are a selfish bunch, prove me wrong

  • How long wil it be before publishers start charging for achievements? I’m surprised EA hasn’t started.

    • They already do. They get to slap 250 more points worth of achievements on a game via DLC and they take advantage of that. Originally they could add 250 tops no matter how many packs they released, but it was changed to 250 per pack so every Fable II DLC pack could have a full set of it’s own. At least that’s how it worked on the old system. I’m not too up to speed on the new rules.

        • That’s sort of my point though. They do, they’re just good enough at it that they do it in a way that doesn’t register as paying for achievements. Why create an outrage selling individual achievements when you can sell half baked DLC with 250 points of easy gamerscore and nobody bats an eye? Sell a cheat or weapon pack that turns a hard 40 hour list into a casual two playthrough list.
          They get all the benefit of selling achievements with none of the backlash.

        • You can get an achievement now for renting or buying movies and music on the Xbox, they don’t add to your Gamerscore, but they’re achievements. So pretty much the same thing.

    • Only Day One editions for the early pre orders, everyone else just got an Xbox One. Smart move by Microsoft, it would look pretty bad if there were Day One editions sitting on the shelf in the store a week after release, the rabid gaming media would jump all over that.

  • It’s just more perceived value/status.

    You’re supposed to get a sense of achievement/endorphin hit when you accomplish something. There can also be a “completionist/perfectionist” element… so getting this can give someone who feels that urge some peace of mind.

    It should come with a little armored truck icon.

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