Cool Kid Goes On Local News As Slender Man, Nobody Gets The Reference


Video game costumes can be tough, sometimes. On the one hand, you’re showing your appreciation for something you truly love. On the other, you risk having to awkwardly explain over and over that your costume is from a video game. Well, that happened today.

On the clip above, taken from local Canadian news, one kid goes on TV rocking a Slender Man costume, despite the anchor not getting the reference. Don’t worry kid, I did.

[Clip via Global Toronto]


  • Tune in next week where after a school shooting they’ll put the blame on the game “Slenderman” and talk about how it influenced him to buy a gun.

  • Well, yeah, “slenderman”, in addition to being perhaps the least scary monster in recent history, is relatively obscure outside of the internet. The vast majority of those over 30 would never have heard of him at all. Slenderman is a recent internet invention…. who also looks like a tax auditor.

  • We had a couple of Slender Kids trick or treating last night. I think they were surprised we got the reference since we’re clearly in our late 30s (i.e. ancient to them). Glad to know we’re at least more informed than some news anchor (which probably isn’t that hard). 🙂

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