Crazy Hack Stops Anyone Else From Seeing Your PC Screen

Crazy Hack Stops Anyone Else From Seeing Your PC Screen

We've all been there. Whether you're down the K-Pop rabbit hole on YouTube or playing games at work, someone walks in and sees your screen, sees you doing something you shouldn't be doing, and the party's over. Or... is it?

Instructables have come up with this incredible mod that skins a LCD monitor and, with the help of some 3D glasses, lets only the wearer of those glasses see what's on the monitor.

There are instructions below. There will be fumes. But, if you succeed, you will feel like a secret agent.

Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor [Instructables, via PC Gamer]


    So instead of getting caught watching something. You'll look like you're staring at a screen intently at nothing and maybe even laughing. That seems normal. No one will question your sanity at all.

      So now no-one will be able to see what you are looking at and also your co-workers will avoid you at all costs. Ultimate work privacy achieved!

      You'd look like that kid from that movie.

    Being caught masturbating to a bright white screen while wearing 3D glasses sounds like something out of Eraserhead.

    This isn't how they do it, but it might work well enough:
    (1) Use a 3D TV.
    (2) Hack your driver so that horizontallly vs. vertically polarised pixels show contrasting colours (so the pixel to the right of a black pixel would be white, the pixel to the right of a yellow pixel would be blue).
    (3) Wear a pair of polaroid sunglasses. (Or a pair of polarised 3D glasses with one side blacked out.)

    A casual viewer would see the picture as a medium shade of grey.

    Even though this is several years old, interleaved screen technology has been around for about five years or so (Kotaku even did several reports on it). Essentially, it's 3D technology where the glasses only show the left or right eye content.

    Though if your in your cubical wanking to a white screen your co-workers might think something is up....

      What, and sitting in your cubicle wanking to visible porn wouldn't make your coworkers irascible? Great work bro.

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