Every Persona Fan's Worst Nightmare

Every Persona Fan's Worst Nightmare

On Sunday, Atlus will announce something Persona-related. They've been teasing it for a while now, and lots of fans are starting to get stoked that Atlus might finally — finally! — announce Persona 5, the in-development next entry in the wonderful RPG series.

Whatever they announce, it probably won't look like this:

Every Persona Fan's Worst Nightmare

This beautiful monstrosity was designed by Twitterer TobiichiK (via NeoGAF), and of course it's not real, but could you imagine? What if Atlus really wanted to appeal to the west? Terrifying.


    I know it's a joke and all but I wasn't the appeal of Persona games in the west due to the culture shock?, at least for me it has. Experiencing a everyday life (of sorts) of a Japanese high school student, daily life as well as cultural events was always my favourite part of the games.

      I think more pertinent is that the appeal of Persona games in Japan is due to the cultural familiarity. That's why they wouldn't switch up for a western setting, not because it might hurt the game's niche international market.

    I dunno, david cage games have a habit of letting protagonists die and any chance to kill shia lebeouf has to be worth taking...

    Nah, my worst nightmare would be hearing there would be no more Persona games at all.

    At least if it went shit I could move on to another franchise like I did for Resident Evil and Final Fantasy.

    The old ones will always be around to play.

    It's like those shoddy movies of Alan Moore comics, the comics will always still be good.

    I'm surprised Kotaku hasn't jumped on the whole rumour that it's Persona 4 Vol2. after the supposed leak of a voice actress' resume describing her work on it.

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