Five Things You Might Not Know About The NES

Five Things You Might Not Know About The NES

You think you know everything about a NES? Well, think again. In the video above, Vsauce3 shows you a few facts you might have missed about the Nintendo Entertainment System, presented in wonderful stop motion.

Do Gameboy next!

[Vsauce3 via Viral Viral Video]


  • That “at least” 849 million shots fired in Duck Hunt is pretty silly as the game sold nearly 30 million, so people only fired 30 shots per game bought?

  • 77212.7 metric tons… so the weight of the NES is known to six significant figures. Apparently. (As is the number of units sold.)

    Sometime I wonder if anybody in the media paid any attention in high school maths when they covered significant figures and how to incorporate error margins. Vsauce at least should know better.

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