Goodbye, Massive Xbox 360 Power Brick

Goodbye, Massive Xbox 360 Power Brick

For this Last-Gen Zero, we recognise the original Xbox 360 power brick.

Goodbye, Massive Xbox 360 Power Brick

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Last-Gen Heroes is Kotaku's look back at the seventh generation of console gaming. In the weeks leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, we'll be celebrating the Heroes — and the Zeroes — of the last eight years of console video gaming.


    12 words. New record?

      Nah, there was one with 6 a while ago and I got downvoted to oblivion for mention it lol.

      Edit: Found it for shits and giggles!

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        I guess people thought that was different because it had a video, I dunno. This one just has an intentionally obnoxious picture.

    my xbox 360 isnt even cold yet and you guys are already ripping into it

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't the xbone power brick slightly bigger?

      Oh, God. I hope you are kidding.

        Apparently not... see link further down this page :|


          At least the 360 had round corners.... you could murder someone with the corners on that xbone brick!

      It isn't. The XB1 brick is about the same size as the X360 Slim brick, which is a good bit smaller than the original X360 brick pictured above.

        Thanks for the correction. The slim is definitely an improvement over the pro, but I still wouldn't call the slim power brick small. It's significantly bigger than any other consumer electronics product I've come across in the last five years.

    I take it no one saw the Xbox One unboxing video then? It still comes with a friggin huge power brick.

    If Sony can fit the power supply inside the system as they have done since the PS1 days (and all the redesigns), why can't Microsoft?

      Makes it easier to replace dead power supplies.

        I don't know about you, but I've had to replace 2 xbox 360's due to RRoD. The power supply I've never had a problem with ... except, you know, for being ridiculously huge.

        It makes the unit easier and cheaper to manufacture, as the electronics inside the unit do not change from country to country due to differences in voltage. the only difference between a 120V US version and my native 240V Australian is the power brick.

      Better thermal profile, better surge protection, more easily replaceable, could be a few reasons.

      They haven't. The PS2 slim has an external power brick too.

        Did it? Well I can understand that, the PS2 Slim was barely thicker than a dvd case, HOW DID THEY MAKE IT THAT SMALL?!

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          Yeah it did. The PS2's external brick is basically a bit smaller than your laptop's power brick.

          by taking out the power supply from the console and making you have a power brick. ;)

      If Xbox 360 was the only one with the external power supply, then why was it the one that had so many overheating (RRoD) issues?

        Terrible design and lack of testing.

        Then why would Microsoft fix what they knew was wrong with it, only to shove an internal power supply to cause more issues?

        They rushed its production and development to get to market a year before its competitors.

    And hello XBox One power brick!

        There was this picture floating around on The Verge too, comparing the post tear-down consoles.

        The PS4 managed to integrate the PSU/power brick brick into the chassis while being significantly smaller and with a large heatsink. The Xbox just looks like a mini-ITX PC case, I don't know if all that dead air is deliberate or what but, it seems less well engineered.

          I guess we have to wait and see how they work in the real world. If PS4's start overheating in large numbers or are really noisy, then you'd have to say MS got it right. If not then you can say Sony did it better.

    Those things were good during the winter months.

    I'd dress mine up as a cat and have it sit on my lap for warmth.

    Goodbye? Sure, if you're part of the minority that buys a new console in the first 12 months. Most of us will be warmly hugging our power bricks and DualShock3 controllers for quite a while yet.

    I swear the Xbox One power brick can do more damage than this little devil.

    Why did you post a scaled-down photo of the power brick? Wouldn't it have been far more effective to post a life-size photo?

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