Last Night Sydney Went Green For The Xbox One Launch

If you were out and about in Sydney last night you might have noticed that a few of our famous landmarks looked a little bit... green.

Yep, clearly Microsoft was stopping at nothing in its attempt to let everyone in Australia know that the Xbox One was launching in Australia. And if you want to spread the word you could do a lot worse than blasting a massive logo next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

And closer to the CBD, Microsoft also had Sydney Tower lit up in green. That's two fairly big landmarks covered!

Anyone here pick up an Xbox One last night. Anyone go to any midnight launches? Let us know in the comments below.


    yep, i was an hour late due to work but got the one. Its awesome, so much better then i thought it would be. Easy to set up and the ui and features are incredible.

      Sitting here refreshing the courier track & trace page for my order from MS's showing up as onboard for delivery....

      Come on courier!

        In desperate times, i always call the courier company and 90 percent of the time they can tell u where the driver is. good luck

      I was also amazed - much better than I even thought it would be!

    Picked mine up last night. Day one patch went flawlessly in about 20 minutes. 6gb (!) Forza 5 patch was a surprise, but again it only had to download about 20 minutes worth of data before it let me start playing.

    I picked mine up from the Galeries EB in Sydney. I was in the first 10 or so to get a ticket at 9 ,then went to watch Bad Grandpa to pass the time. Got back at midnight and I reckon there was probably approaching a 100 people there. I was in and out by five past and hopped straight in to a cab home. Annoyingly, I was told earlier this week that the XO Turtle Beach headsets were arriving soon, but in the store they said it may not even be until next year.

    Unboxing it was awesome and probably my fav bit so far! I hooked it up and turned it straight on, downloaded the 500MB update (which only took about 10 mins) and then had a play around on the dashboard.

    Next, I installed NBA 2k14. After 10% (which felt like it took ages) I was able to start up the game, restricted only to playing a Quick Game between Miami & San Antonio. It looked and felt great, but haven't spent enough time on it yet. Finally, I went to bed at 3:00am (have to work today.) I installed CoD this morning and could start playing when I got to about 40/50%. Did that for a half hour whilst dishwasher was getting fixed and then left after it finished installing.

    Everything seems to be running really smooth and I like the dashboard a lot. The box is big I guess, but with how much press its size has had online, I was actually underwhelmed at its size.

    I'd be 100% happy, if I wasn't constantly telling myself that I don't like the controller. I'm yet to find the rumble triggers as a revolutionary addition - but I think that will come. My issue lies in the bumper buttons. The way I naturally gripped the 360 gamepad saw my forefingers curl nicely round the controller and rest on the bumper buttons. I could press the bumper buttons just by using the tip of my forefingers. Now with these controllers the bumper buttons seem to be designed so you have to click them towards the outside edges of the controller. What this results in is having to either rearrange my grip to one that doesn't feel right or bending my fingers uncomfortably to be able to quickly press the bumpers when needs be. In games like 2K and CoD, I need these easily accessible. I have larger than average hands (but not by much) if that may be a factor...but I'd guess that this may be a problem for other people too. Anyone?

      I felt the same with the comment you made on the size!!! In my hands i just thought "It's not that big!!!" Which was another nice surprise!

      Rumble triggers are AMAZING in Forza 5 - Feeling each little bump on the road - the vibration in the controller is COMPLETELY directional and adds a lot to the driving experience imo

    Must of shelled out a pretty penny for those lighting displays. Looks cool though.

    Really? These are video game consoles. Do they really need to go to such ridiculous lengths to promote them?

    I was at the Xbox One launch, and let me tell you, that water projection looked even more awesome in person.

    I went to my local JB Hifi because a mate was working the launch and conned me into coming at midnight to get a discount! Hard to say no and since i dont work till 10am I thought "why not?!"

    I got to the store at 11:45 and there were 3 people in front of me!!! I was stoked!
    Transaction was easy - took her home and spent 10 minutes plugging in and grabbing a beer - and then it was time for update! Not long at all and I was into the UI

    Only one thing I noticed - The left trigger had a funny sound to it. It sounded like a broken spring or a spring bending - and it clicked when fully depressed. This was a stark contrast to the reviews I had read and also how the right trigger was functioning as that had a nice smooth solid motion and a clear thud when fully depressed. It annoyed me a little but the controller seemed to work fine. This morning I spoke to Microsoft and they said I can take either the whole lot back to JB HIFI and have it replaced or just the controller and have that replaced. Suffice to say after a few hours of downloading hell - I will only take the controller back - But I thought this was great information for anyone who has had history dealing with Sony issues and always having to send the console back to the manufacturer - Microsoft handled this very well were very empathetic and gave me the right information straight away - Microsoft wins with this one - Anyone who has ever had to call Sony support will surely agree with this!

    So anyway - busted controller aside I put Dead Rising 3 in and it seemed like it took FOREVER to get going! it sat on 0% for about 15 minutes and I was beginning to think something was wrong! To the point where I started searching online for other people having thew issue... Well this was at 1:30am on launch day - Pretty sure no one was being as impatient as myself!!!!

    Another few minutes went by and i had a look at the box and it was up to 2% then another couple of minutes went by and it was on 10% - I concluded it was downloading the day one update at first whilst stuck on 0% and then started installing game disc but for a while it made me nervous!!!

    Either way when it got to about 38% it gave me "ready to play" - all in all around 40 minutes for the update and the first part of the install to complete - Not too bad but overall not great! Either way it doesnt matter!!!!

    As i was THRUST into a zombie filled world with dramatic cutscenes flying by my screen I was in awe at my new machine. No loading screens and straight into the action!!!

    Dead Rising 3 is fantastic - I only played around an hour of it but I got to the point where you really do feel like you want to get away from these zombies - Its a very immersive zombie experience as opposed to feeling safe and just trying to kill as many as possible!

    After this i popped Forza 5 in - Wow... 6Gb day one update?! How did I miss the news on this before launch day?!!! So I figured I was at a loss as it was going to be stuck on 0% for 6Gb worth of download!!! Not the case! I was relieved when in 5 minutes it started ticking over and in no time it was up to 20% - I cant remember exactly when it was ready to play but I stayed up for a couple of races and once again, BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. The handling is amazing the graphics gorgeous, and the rumble triggers really add to the experience!!!

    So by this time it was 4:20 and I had to start work at 10am so it was time for bed... I pumped Ryse into the console to get the install out of the way and queued FIFA 14 for download. All I can say is I cant wait to get home tonight!!!

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