Real Life Halo Warthog Coming To Sydney

wetawarthog-numberplateThere is but one life-size Halo Warthog in existence. Microsoft is bringing it to Sydney next week and you can check it out.

The real life replica weighs in at 3 tonnes and was built by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop back when they were working on the now-dead Halo movie. That's it up there... albeit with a dodgy 'shopped numberplate.

As part of the lead-up to the September 22 launch of Halo 3: ODST, Microsoft has built a "crash landing" set at Sydney's Cockatoo Island. The general public can come down at gawk at the Warthog next weekend, August 8-9.

But some lucky punters will also get the chance to attend a VIP party, meet with Bungie's Curtis Creamer and play near-final code of Halo 3: ODST. Details are over on the Xbox Australia website.

Win Tickets To Halo 3: ODST VIP Party [Xbox]


    I've already made plans to go see it
    I wish there was more details about the public viewing though. I'd hate to travel for two hours if the only thing to do is look at the Warthog.

    gah i hate it when sydney gets things we don't that are this cool!!!

    ..then again i guess it works both ways as melbourne gets quite a few things sydney doesn't...

    As cool as it is though, it's not worth the cost of the flights there and back..

      Try living in WA :(

        Yeah unfortunately SupaNova just doesn't cut it :( Wish we got some cool things like this in WA, or even if the competitions included air fares! lol

        Try living in the Northern Territory! :P

      Melbourne DID get the warthog, Before Sydney even!

      They held the same event at IMAX in Melbourne on the 3rd of August.

      Guests got to see it up close and take photos with it. See a presentation on ODST, meet Curtis Creamer and play some of the game.

      But I think the Sydney even was more well known because the warthog was open to the public...?

    Meh. It looks like a puma.

    Still, it needs an engine & a real turret.

      It has an engine

    waaaaaaaaaa i am in melbourene

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