LEGO The Hobbit Game Rumoured For 2014 Release

LEGO The Hobbit Game Rumoured For 2014 Release

A user in the Brickset LEGO enthusiast forum has posted what appears to be promotional materials for a LEGO The Hobbit adaptation, launching some time next year. The image is said to come from the instruction booklet to 2014 The Hobbit sets.

Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, PC and Wii U are listed as platforms for the game, developed by longtime LEGO studio Tt Games and to be published by Warner Brothers Interactive. We’ve emailed a WBIE representative to either confirm or debunk this particular rumour, and will update here if any comment is made.

That’s the image above; the URL it references ( leads nowhere right now.

The Hobbit 2013 Sets [Brickset via Polygon]

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  • Saw this coming from a mile away. As soon as Lego Lord Of The Rings was announced I knew that they’d follow it up with Lego The Hobbit. It will obviously be released to coincide with the third and final Hobbit film in December next year.

    I love the Lego games, so count me in. Surely it’s coming to next-gen (well current gen now) consoles as well.

    • Given the Lego Marvel game that just came out it makes sense it would be for the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

    • Yep, in conjunction with the 3rd movie would be too perfect, it would allow for 8 levels per movie and that would round up to the 24 levels alot of the previous games have.

      PS4/XBone would confirmed also, I’d imagine these promo shots would have been drawn up for quite sometime now and they haven’t got around to updating them.

  • Makes a great deal of sense. Personally, I’m not surprised. And with The Simpsons Lego sets on their way – I can see them making a Lego Simpsons game…

    • Oh wow there’s Simpsons lego sets coming?? I am already feeling compulsion coming on… and yes Simpsons Lego game? I’m already trying to insert my visa into my computer..

    • As much as I will be all over that also, but I honestly loved The Simpsons Game (PS360) that game out this gen, it was glorious and had a decent original story, I would love another one of them.

      If that means it has to be LEGO themed, then I’ll take it.

  • The rumour has now been confirmed. Lego The Hobbit will release on Xbox One and PS4, as well as last gen consoles.

    Interesting though that the release window is Spring 2014, which, assuming it’s northern spring would be our Autumn, which is between March and May, or if it’s our spring would be between September and November, as far as I know the last movie isn’t coming out till December 2014 hmmmmm…..

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