Let's Compare The New Zelda To Its 22-Year-Old Ancestor

Link to the Past has aged quite well, wouldn't you agree? What we have here is a direct, side-by-side comparison of the new handheld Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, and its predecessor, the now almost 22-year-old Link to the Past, courtesy of The Bit Block. There's a stark difference, to say the least, but that doesn't necessarily mean the updated 3D visuals are better.

Perhaps in another 22 years, A Link Between Worlds will attain the same nostalgic charm Link to the Past possesses now. Perhaps not. Look forward to the next comparison video in 2035.

Video Comparison - A Link Between Worlds vs. A Link to the Past [YouTube]


    They managed to fit less on a bigger screen

      This new one looks like awful, childish overly cartooned visuals with less detail than an ancient console and as Mase said they have even managed to fit less onto the screen.

      Last edited 19/11/13 8:49 am

        Nintendo's new business moto "Alienate all audiences!"

      How f'cking small you your TV in the 90’s?

      I know they’ve all grown, but I’m pretty sure my CRT was bigger than a few inches.

        I'm talking scale. You'll notice there are more things and a great distance to each screen in the old one vs the new one. I guess we sacrifice scope for detail

        God thats funny, its like you don't even remotely understand what has been said.

        The point is that Given what is shown on screen, less, has fit on the newer version. That tree now takes up 20% more space. You get a lot less of the game world in one "frame"

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    Hundreds of years between story settings and the only development that Hyrule has managed is a few different paths and trees. It's almost like it's being managed by the Adelaide Council.

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    I honestly think the art style of A Link to the Past looks better than the new one, but don't get me wrong though; I'm definitely looking forward to the new one still :P

      Totally agree. Link to the past has perfect visuals for me, the new one looks like the art director has a fetish for ugly 3D.

    Blind's house is still there? They should have razed that shit to the ground!

    I kind of wished they did what Vanillaware does - turn 3d polygon into 2d art in a paint style. Not a huge fan of 3d models on a 2d plain like the new Mario platformers we get these days. Not sure if anyone else feels the same.

    wow, the snes graphics look way better than the 3ds ones. shouldn't of gone the silly stylized ugly.

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