The New 3DS Zelda Is Called A Link Between Worlds

The 3DS sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is called The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Check out this new trailer to see more of the game in action. If you've played LTTP on Super Nintendo, the world will look more than a little familiar.

No word on release date yet, but Nintendo has said they're aiming for this holiday.


    I'm gonna be all over this. Link To The Past is one of my favourite SNES games.

    If the stylus pen is in no way integrated, I'm sold.

    Knowing me I'll probably still buy it if it is.

    I'm gonna get this... But... WHY WASN'T THIS IN THE NINTENDO DIRECT!?

      Almost nothing about the 3DS was in the Nintendo Direct. But yeah this is way too big not to have been in there. The Direct was a bit light on 2013 games, too, so this would have helped.

    Noooo I didn't really wanted to buy a 3DS :C Now I have to.

    Now they just need a wiiu version so we can play in full hd!

    Was on the fence about a 3DS, this totally pushed me over. Back to handhelds for me!

    please please please let us revisit Misery Mire! :D

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