Make Your Zelda Look Super Slim With This One Weird Trick

Make Your Zelda Look Super Slim With This One Weird Trick

When the people behind the new Zelda game decided they wanted to use a top-down camera angle, they realised that looking at Link's green hat for 20-something hours wouldn't be all that interesting or pleasant. So they came up with a simple solution: MAKE EVERYTHING SLANTED.

Look at that image, you guys. They designed the entire game like that, just to get the camera view as perfect as possible. This is all via the most recent edition of Iwata Asks — which you should go read because it's totally fascinating. (laughs)


    That seems kinda weird. Wouldn't a skewed projection matrix would do pretty much the same thing?

      Maybe they built it, then applied the slant to everything via some clever programming.

      You totally lost me there. I know what a projection matrix is in maths. How is it used in computer graphics?

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        Tbh I'm not entirely sure how well I understand them. Kinda grasp them enough to understand but not necessarily explain. But I think it's more or less to scale things to screen space for drawing.

      Yeah. I'm assuming that they applied some form of skew matrix onto objects once the world was built, although it is also possible that it is applied in the vertex shader.
      Also @Thrasher check out

      You'd think so, but it would also distort the ground. They could have done it in two rendering passes but maybe they figured skewing all the game models was easier, I don't know.

    How exactly do I do the one weird trick?

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      Just came back to ask this. I think the title was click bait.

    Acrually this isnt new. If you emulate Oot you can do the exact same thing with cheat code. Its isnt coded like that its just a tilt all entities code.

    I dont get it. Why not just slant the camera?

      That would tilt the ground plane as well. It appears they want ground surfaces to be perpendicular to the camera axis, but everything else to be tilted slightly.

    That looks like it would've taken a millennium to do. Good on the artists (even if folks don't seem to like it)

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