Megan Fox Stars In The Latest Call Of Duty: Ghosts Live-Action Trailer

You're gonna live 'til you die in Call of Duty: Ghosts which, for millions on Tuesday, will be about 16 seconds after spawning.

A bombed-out, bro'd out Vegas stars alongside Megan Fox (Bad Boys II, as "Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall") in the live-action launch trailer Activision just pushed out for its megabazillion-dollar franchise. What happens in Vegas happens in Ghosts, too, as Sin City has a map in the game's multiplayer and features into the campaign.

Yeah, I'd call out the crass nature of the video and the cynical tagline. But then, I complained about this sort of thing five years ago — no one cared then, they probably don't care now, so everything's ring-a-ding. Call of Duty: Ghosts causes the world's largest sick day on Tuesday.


    Awww, I was kind of hoping that she had faded into obscurity. She is not hot, AND THOSE LIPS

    LOL. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the tweet was "well, that sums up Call of Duty".

    These live action ads are brilliant. You can see they're trying to drag in more and more fresh faces into the game. I suppose that is to compensate for the slow graduation of players to more strategic shooters.

    Personally i'll grab ghosts - when it's in the bargin bin - CoD games are always good fun in single player.

    Oh man, They really know how to make a good trailer.

    Makes sense. Call of Duty is now solely designed for the dudebros that the Transformers movies are now aimed at.

    Not surprised. The CoD and modern Transformers fanbases have 99% overlap these days. Those war-fetishising "OORA!" manchildren aren't going to milk themselves you know.

    So she's in there so that they can put in a "OMG a girl playing a video game, better go hit on her" moment? - urgh, I shouldn't be surprised though...

    I wish this meant the campaign will be 4 player Co-Op, but i just know Activision will let me down again in aims to "stick to the authenticity of the singleplayer feeling".

    i miss WaW campaign.

    I liked the first time they did this "there's a solider in all of us" add... but this one is pretty average and full of stupid stereotypes.

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