Michael Jordan's Big Space Jam Win Gets A Gloriously Fake Documentary

Michael Jordan's Big Space Jam Win Gets a Gloriously Fake Documentary

Seventeen years ago on Friday, Space Jam hit cinemas. That makes now the perfect time for this fake oral history of the film's climactic throwdown between the Tune Squad and the Monstars, done with all the self-regarding gravitas of an ESPN 30-For-30 documentary.

Yahoo! Screen's sendup (Director: Tony Yacenda) is very well edited, but what makes the whole thing go are the cameos, from the likes of basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb and ex-players Kurt Rambis and Greg Anthony, who right there with the actors playing sportswriters and personalities, turn this into a graduate-level seminar on deadpan at Yale Theatre Studies.

"They killed Foghorn Leghorn," says "NBA Historian Pete Lovell" (played by Monte Markham) "Right in front of his teammates. And they kept going." 11/16/96. Let us never forget.



      I found one here:

    For another good laugh check out the 1996 Space Jam website still up and running


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      WOW, that takes me back. To think we used to wait like 5 minutes for just one of those pages to load.

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