Shameless Angry Birds Clone Shows Up On Nintendo 3DS

Shameless Angry Birds Clone Shows Up On Nintendo 3DS

There are clones of video games, and then there are clones of video games so shameless that you wonder how the hell Nintendo approved them.

Today on the Nintendo eShop, you can buy Angry Bunnies, a game that I really don’t think should be on the Nintendo eShop. It’s developed and published by a Slovakia-based company called Cypronia, whose website is, as of this writing, suspended.

I mean… just look at this trailer:

For context, this is what Angry Birds looks like in action:

Cypronia isn’t even trying to pretend this is anything but a shameless clone. This publisher is also responsible for a number of games under the brand Cake Ninja, which sure seems a lot like Fruit Ninja.

It’s worth noting that you can actually buy Angry Birds on the 3DS, so this isn’t like iPhone developers trying to clone Mario so people can play on their phones. This is straight up “we are cloning this game to make money.”

We’ve reached out to Nintendo to ask why they’d let a game like this on the eShop. We’ll update if they get back to us.


    • True.

      Also ignoring the fact that Apple does worse things than this by letting games that literally does not do anything on to their store.

  • IOS games are sacrilege anyway, i am aware this is on nintendo but Angry birds is barely a game. Hell even Cod has more creativity than angrybirds. Good on the developer ripping the devs of AB off.

  • Yeah, Rovio INVENTED the artillery game (even before Scorched Tanks, or Human Cannonball on the Atari 2600) as well as the use of wacky weapons to target enemies (well before Worms was released.)

    Admittedly the clone is a bit closer to the original than usual, but I don’t think it will cost Rovio a lot of sales.

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