Show Us Your Game Console Setup

Show Us Your Game Console Setup

Over the last couple of weeks, lots of people have added one or even two new gaming consoles to the space under their TVs. As a result, some reorganisation has been required. Where the hell are we supposed to fit all these black boxes?

Today seemed like a good day to ask you all to show us your home entertainment centre (read: TV), and how you've arranged the junk below. Of course, you don't need to own a new PS4 or Xbox One to participate — we'd love to see what your setup looks like even if you're just rockin' a Dreamcast and an original NES. (And if you are, props.)

So! In the comments below, please link to a photo of your home gaming setup, along with an explanation for any unusual elements it may include. If you've got any tips for how to fit extra junk, by all means let us know. And to the person who will inevitably post a photo of a PC on a desk: well played.


    Maybe this post is better asked when all the consoles are out fully on Friday?

      It's from the American site, and Americans have their PS4s already.

    This isn't mine, but I wish it was...

      similar one... not mine, such a good retro collection This is my messy setup.. Includes LG 42 Inch LCD TV, Playstation Vita, Blaze 15 in 1 Sega Genesis, Logitech Sound System (forgot Model), Xbox One (with kinect), Xbox 360 Slim, A Ton Of 360 Games and 2 Xbox One Games (NBA2K14 And Forza 5 Limited Edition) and lastly not part of the gaming setup is my Limited Edition Don "The Predator" Frye UFC Figurine still in its box. I just put the consoles on the 2nd shelf and other tid bits on the top shelf where my tv is and random crap on the 3rd shelf.

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    Mightn't have been plugged in when I took the pic, but they are now :P
    I just wish the TV were a little bigger. It's something like 27 or 29 inches I think, but there were 32 inch ones out there somewhere. I was lucky enough to get this one though, and for a good price, so I'm happy.

      Dude! i love the 64DD!

      64DD, nice. Never got my hands on one of those bad boys.

        So much unrealised potential and yet you can understand why Nintendo bailed on it - like perhapd somebody at the company remembered the Sega 32X!
    My setup
    Xbox 360
    Specs :
    i5 3570k @ 3.4GHz
    1TB HDD
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    1920x1080 24" ASUS Monitor
    LCD TV Setup as a 2nd monitor
    Mionix NAOS 8200 Mouse
    Astro A40 Headset

    Pretty sure there's at least one bong hidden in these pics.
    Can't see it but there is a PS3 under the TV, soon to also be a PS4 :D not the greatest TV in the world, but it gets the job done.

    It's a tad messy at the moment (comeon, nobody's perfect :P), but... Yup. I built the shelves and desk myself to suit my own needs; it's more for movies / TV shows, but I decided to incorporate gaming in there too.

    When the PS4 is actually released over here I'll be placing it in the topmost bay (that was my choice, unfortunately whilst I enjoy the occasional Xbox exclusive, I know that if I bought both I'd neglect one console a fair bit). The Xbox 360 can be introduced to long-term storage in the meantime.

    My only regret is that I built the TV set-up a few years ago, and I'm going to have to re-plan things if I wish to upgrade to something a little bigger. By a little I mean a lot. Some nice TVs out there nowadays :P

      Whaaaaaaat!!! That's crazy! Nice work on making it yourself man! I'm officially impressed!

        Thanks! I appreciate that.

        What's funny is I built it (floor-ceiling) because I had run out of shelf space and my room was cluttered with various bookshelves to cater.
        Now I'm out of space again (hence the big stacks of DVDs to the left, and the stack of Xbox games to the right, not to mention lack of space for would-be PS4 titles)! My work never ends. ;)

      Now that's a badass setup!

    I won't post a picture, but I'll tell you what I have.

    -On the right hand side of my computer desk I have a fairly old computer, don't really use it to play any games on, because it's not very powerful (1.8ghz Celeron), seriously need to update it.

    - 60GB XBox 360 Pro on top of that

    -On the left hand side I have my new Xbox One.

    -23 Inch Full HD LED Samsung monitor in the middle, with the Kinect 2.0 in front of that.

    -Sony 6.2 channel surround sound (only got the two front speakers and one sub hooked up at the moment), really need to pull my finger out and set it up properly.

    -PS3 Slim 160GB on top of the right speaker (I know, I probably shouldn't have it up there, but I've got nowhere else to put it).

    -And Afterglow wireless headphones.

    That's it for everything that's hooked up, got a bunch of old stuff packed away in containers like NES, SNES, N64 and a couple of original Gameboys.

    -Oh, and the Wii is in the lounge room, not even hooked up, had my Wii U set up there, but I traded it in and haven't been bothered plugging the old Wii back in.

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      An awesome setup painted vividly in my mind. :P
      So you use the monitor for your PC and consoles?

        Yup, It's got one RGB connection in the back for the PC and One HDMI port, so if I want to play a different console I have to unplug one and plug in the one I want to use. Bit of a pain, been thinking about getting a 4 port HDMI switch lately, asked when I went into Dick Smith to get a decent surge protected powerboard to hook it all into, so I could do away with the two crappy old powerboards I was using, and they said they only had 2 port ones, so I'll have to make do until I can find one.

        Ok, I changed my mind, here's a pic, it's a bit messy and we're in the middle of renovations at the moment.

          Is that a little Lego cloud city ship thing? :P
          Haha, fair enough. Looks good! Should be cool when the Reno is done and you can settle

            Sure is, got big plans for the near future, 50-60 inch screen, or a projector, new gaming rig, and bigger sound system.

    I also have a Gamecube, Atari 2600 & another Original Xbox (The one in the photo is modded so I can play games in 480p and some in 720p). But as you my setup is a bit weak, I don't really the money (or space, living in a unit) at the moment to do much about it. But I get by. :)

    Now I got to figure out what to do with the PS4 on Friday...

      Not to mention a real to life VHS! Love it.

        I was very close to getting rid of the VCR earlier this year (it had been sitting in a cupboard for a couple of years).
        Until I tried to use my Master System on the TV, the picture was quite fuzzy (unlike the Mega Drive which worked fine).
        I looked it up & discovered that the MS uses some sort a frequency or something that new TVs don't have, but hooking via a VCR and having that hooked to the TV by composite cables clears it up (as well as it can be anyway).

        That's a lot of text to explain a VCR. Oh well. :)

    Here's my super clean setup, specs are

    i7 930 at 3.80GHz
    gigabyte gtx780
    6GB DDR3 RAM

    was going to upgrade to the latest I7 but didn't see the point once I installed the GTX780, runs just about anything at the highest settings, and at 60fps or more

    The Xbox One is on the right, with a PS4 soon to be underneath it on Friday when it's released here in NZ. Anyway, this is my Gaming Room "Mancave"; 106" Tasman Screens custom projection screen, Panasonic 1080P High Def projector, Jamo Home Theatre speaker system, Onkyo 7.1 Av Receiver, Velodyne 12" subwoofer, and floor-to-ceiling blackout backed suede curtains on all 4 walls. My pride and joy, and yes, i have a very tolerant wife!! :-)
    My laptop isn't part of the setup per se, I just have it in front of me all the time. 360 is connected to Xbox One. TV is a 24" 1080p Teac.

      The fact you have a Stig helmet is all kinds of amazing
    Getting a PS4 on Thursday night which is gonna go on top of the right bookshelf.

    Such a pity, as the TV is the domain of my partner, and she watches free-to-air bullshit reality shows. I couldn't enter that. T'would be shameful, even more so as my 'entertainment' setup shits all over the TV in the lounge room. But it doesn't do TV (I don't watch it), so it can't be entered.

    I spent 80k building a Lan room it is not connected to the house just via an alfresco I can make as much noise as I want, its a 33 sq meter room.

    I have two tv's on my main wall 42" and a 64" both Samsung actually all my gear is Samsung.

    i have double sliding doors that open up onto my alfresco area for larger LANs, largest Lan i had was 32 ppl

    I will post photo 's when i get home.

      Christ almighty, please do.

        Sorry the room was about 50K we also did other things around the house, converted our roof space into an attic etc

        Umm not that epic but it is rendered and nicely finished,so does the job :)

        and i had to add this photo of my GOW butcher cleaver that hangs on my wall.

        heres a photo of my alfresco where you can see the entrance to my lan room, its only a mini lan but you get the idea.

          Wow... A dedicated stand-alone room? All you'd need is a barbie and you'd be set! That's awesome, thanks for the pics!

            Ohh I did build a game themed BBQ with my mate, Notice the horns cut out of lime stone, the real stuff not recon crap.

            Yes I made the horns just higher then the fence to piss off the neighbors lol

            Even my Car is game themed :)

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    Nice set-up's people. :) Here's mine.

    Here's one wall of my puter room. Another wall is technically all PC eyefinity so I guess it doesn't count and the other wall is music stuff, so that's even less relevant; there's 8 screens in the room. Also the floor is invariably covered in lego.

    A bit of an explanation, starting from the bottom.
    An old sansui home theatre amp and a very old home automation server hiding behind some crap it appears my wife dumped there.
    Next shelf is usually my charge bay, but there's a bunch of cased games that haven't made it into folders yet. Cases go in boxes in the attic...
    Next shelf, a logitech portable speaker, a crayola keyboard as the shuttle pc a few shelves up is split kids stuff/mame/emulators... The fire alarm there I'm yet to stick on the roof.
    Next shelf a 22inch lcd and some AV/switch boxes so everything can run through it and the amp out to some aged well travelled speakers.
    Next shelf, the shuttle XPC box, a wii, a 360 and a ps3. I also run HDMI from here to another wall to my PC screens, where I usually play these. There really isnt enough room for kinect.
    Next shelf, 2 ps2's an xbox 1, some remotes, and a couple of NAS drives.
    Up again, CD folders, they usually live in the cupboard, a robot prototype (phidget driven) and another NAS
    The projector shelf, everything is routed through the monitor and projector, including my main gaming PC. It puts at least a 65 inch image on the opposite facing white roller blind (no good during the day) there's also a wii and wode that needs some reattachment attention.
    Top shelf contains power boards and network switches.. everything is networked :-)

      Do you run your xb1 on the Projector? I have a similar set up with my av cabinet at the back of the room opposite the screen and the only way i can use Kinnect is havining it behind me in the cabinet .
      If you have it set up at the back like i think you do, could you let me know if it works OK? any issues?

        Its an original xbox (just to clarify), yes everything runs through the projector. But during the day I usually use the LCD. The room is just a bit small width wise for kinect and I have to shuffle chairs and stuff out, if I start waving my hands around it can get problematic. I use 2 extender cables: and just run them over the floor when needed.

    Some awesome set ups, I love it. Sigh tho, I would've loved to show my current and retro set ups. I'm moving back to parents this week, while my wife and I are building a house and everything but the xbox one, wii u and 360 was just bubble wrapped, packed and put into storage :-( 20 plus consoles and 100s of games. My baby being my Sega MD with Mega-CD & 32X. I still love you Sega!

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    I've a bit of a retro collector, here's the list so far...

    1.Nintendo x2
    2. Super Nintendo x2
    3. N64 x2
    4.gamecube x2
    5.wii x2
    6.wii u
    7. Sega master system 2
    8.mega drive 1
    9.mega drive 2
    10.saturn model 2
    11. Dreamcast
    12. Ps1 x2
    13.psone x2
    14.ps2 x2
    15.Ps2 mini x2
    16. Ps3
    17. Xbox 360
    19.atari jr 2600 x2
    20. Atari classic
    21. Philips cdi
    22. Famicom +FDS
    23. ique player
    22. Virtual boy
    23. Coffee table ( yes a coffee table , runs the arcade stuff)
    24. N64 Japan NTSC
    25. PS3 slim

    Hand helds
    1. Gameboy
    2. Gameboy pocket x2
    2. Gameboy colour x2
    3. Gameboy advance x2
    4. Gameboy advance sp ags-100
    5. Gameboy micro
    6. Ds lite x3
    7. 3ds xl
    8. Game gear
    9. Sega 30-1
    10. Atari lynx
    11. 2ds
    and heres the setup -- -- of at least the retro gear, the modern stuff is allowed in the lounge room.

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