Show Us Yours… And WIN!

Show Us Yours… And WIN!

We’re giving away a smart home entertainment unit for gamers. And we’re giving it to the reader with the worst gaming setup we’ve seen. Setups like these…

The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer’s needs foremost in mind. It’s got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

It is so ideal we just bought one for the office. And we’ve also got another one we want to give away to you. (Note: it does not come with the TV as seen in that lovely piece of lifestyle photography.)

To be in the running to win, we want you to prove you really deserve such a piece of gaming furniture. Every Thursday, we ask you to Show Us Yours – your gaming collection and your home gaming setup. Some are wonderful; some are disgraceful. To win this comp, we want the latter.

Prove to us that you have the worst gaming setup in the country and we’ll send you the Roam Entertainment Unit to help you out. Send your photographic proof to the usual address. No photoshopping allowed. Your photo must contain the Kotaku logo somewhere in the scene.

You’ve got until Sunday August 29 to get your entry in. But some of you have already entered. We’ve picked a bunch at random so you can see what you’re up against. Hint: they’re atrocious.


Think you can do worse?

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  • Don’t tempt me, David… if I have to unleash my Lovecraftian horror of a setup upon the world then I will! There’s a real “Soviet Ukraine ca. Chernobyl disaster” design philosophy behind it.

  • I love how Ulpiano(?)’s has a brilliant cardboard storage unit which is dwarfed by the Kotaku logo. I admire the determination.

  • Uhh, even though these photos were picked at random, most of them aren’t that bad?

    They could all do with a bit of rearrangement with their video game collections however.

    Top row

    1st Photo: Nice selection of PS3 games. But what on earth is in that jar with a spoon sticking it out of it on the left hand side of your desk?

    2nd Photo: Someone looks like a Joss Whedon fan? Maybe bring your entertainment unit out a bit from the wall and rearrange the wires. You’ve got the space in it for all your consoles and arcade sticks.

    3rd Photo: I see a Wii powerbrick but no wii. And not much else at that.

    4th Photo: That tv looks like it could fall over quite easily.

    Bottom Row

    1st Photo: Yeah, it looks like you need an entertainment unit if you have a tv in your closet like that…

    2nd Photo: Ordinary setup.

    3rd Photo: Just a bit of a cleanup is needed on your right shelves but it looks ok to me.

    4th Photo: I’ve never seen such a cardboard box used effectively. Solid Snake would be proud.

  • I love how that some of the worst ones would ultimately not have the room to actually fit the entertainment unit into the room!

    After those eight, Jin should be the front runner, having to put the TV into the wardrobe! lol

  • I’ll do worse soon. PS3 with three games and a TV unit from Fantastic Furniture that is literally falling apart (some of the parts are held together by wooden pegs).

  • I’d be happy having a couple of those setups LOL

    any stand that doesn’t collapse on you is a winner in my books. I love the 4th one though 😛

  • The last picture is winning by far as far as i’m concerned… he’s using boxes as a bookshelf!!!

    Second last is pretty horrific too…

  • If I was not so lazy I would hit up some bricks, cardboard, duct tape and hessian sacks.
    But it would be a lie and I am definitely too lazy.

  • I think the Kotaku community can do better. Only one of those had the sort of gratuitous visible cabling mess I was hoping for. And only one of you bothered to put huge, unwieldy plastic instruments in shot??? Others may be easily swayed by shoddy materials, but I insist on seeing STORAGE CHAOS!

  • I feel that the winner must have a combination of Besser blocks and stolen railway sleepers forming a monstrosity deemed unfit by the fire marshal to have any chance of deserving to win this.

  • Mines the 6th photo. It does not really do it justice, but maybe I can help.

    It was picked up from the side of the road, there are coffee stains across the top (I think it’s coffee >.>), used to have a single door (got broken when someone opened it too far =P), had wheels (until we put the 42″ on it, then we almost lost the TV). The top draw does not close (you can see where I put my PS2 when I want to go semi-old skool) and I’d love to up in our PVR + DVD/HDD player/recorder + home entertainment system in there too, but due to lack of space, just the PS3 (for the moment?)

  • Most of these setups arent bad, they’re just plain disorganised. My gaming setup is basically just a coffee table, but a bit of organisation and I turned into quite a decent setup. A lot of the pics shown are just messy and shows how lazy some gamers are.

  • Seems to me that the problem in most of these is that the gamer owns too much stuff and is trying to stuff it into too small a space, rather than having an atrocious furniture arrangement.

    If I were to try to load up my entertainment unit with everything I own, mess would ensue. But I rotate my games and peripherals, and keep the rest stored elsewhere.

    (Also, I think sympathy [and victory] points should go to anyone who actually has a small television.)

  • Most of those photos basically show us that they can’t be arsed to clean up. It’s really not that hard to keep their set up neat.

    Having said that, there are a few in there that definitely need that tv stand prize.

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