Who Has The Worst Gaming Setup?

We’re giving away a smart home entertainment unit for gamers to the reader with the worst gaming setup. We want you to help us choose who wins.

That there on the right is what we’re playing for. The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer’s needs foremost in mind. It’s got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

We asked you to send us a photo of your current gaming setup. The worst one will win the Roam Entertainment Unit. The comp’s closed and now we’re trying to pick a winner. Can you help?

Take a look at the photos below. Pick the worst. Make a note of the entrant’s name in the filename. Then vote for that person in the poll at the bottom. Your vote could help them win.

First up, we have (from left to right): Ben, Cole, Dean and Jack.

Next we have (from left to right): Jackson, Jin, John and Piznarski.

And finally, we have (from left to right): Rich, Sam, Tomas and Yiani.

Now you may vote for up to three people you think are worthy of winning the prize. Voting closes at midday Wednesday and we’ll announce the final winner in the afternoon.


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