Who Has The Worst Gaming Setup?

Who Has The Worst Gaming Setup?

We’re giving away a smart home entertainment unit for gamers to the reader with the worst gaming setup. We want you to help us choose who wins.

That there on the right is what we’re playing for. The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer’s needs foremost in mind. It’s got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

We asked you to send us a photo of your current gaming setup. The worst one will win the Roam Entertainment Unit. The comp’s closed and now we’re trying to pick a winner. Can you help?

Take a look at the photos below. Pick the worst. Make a note of the entrant’s name in the filename. Then vote for that person in the poll at the bottom. Your vote could help them win.

First up, we have (from left to right): Ben, Cole, Dean and Jack.

Next we have (from left to right): Jackson, Jin, John and Piznarski.

And finally, we have (from left to right): Rich, Sam, Tomas and Yiani.

Now you may vote for up to three people you think are worthy of winning the prize. Voting closes at midday Wednesday and we’ll announce the final winner in the afternoon.


  • I’m not sure about the worst setup, but Dean definitely has the best pouty-vote-for-me-face advantage.
    I don’t think the unit would help most of these people, their problem isn’t lack of furniture, but lack of organisation.

  • Damn… there are some seriously horrible looking ste ups there.. it’s really ahrd to tell, though, who would have set up something just to win the comp..

    One thing is for sure though, judging by the state of Yiani’s consoles, i wouldn’t give him the entertainment unit as anyone who treats their consoles that poorly and allows them to become so caked in dust just doesn’t deserve it…

    Sorry dude, but that almost made me cry… that’s just HORRIBLE

  • Seriously this is it? Poor choices Kotaku. I enter most of your competitions but I didn’t enter this one because I thought the point of the competition is having the worst set up, not having a set up that is badly organised.

  • Dean has my vote as he did just that little bit more with those warning messages in his photo.

    I’m still not ‘impressed’ (is that the right word to use here?) with the ‘quality’ of what is on offer here though.

    But as for the winner, I sincerely hope they get around to actually building the entertainment unit and using it once they get it.

    • Yeah, I thought of voting for Jack but then I realised he’d probably break the unit putting that monster old-school TV on it. 😛

  • I think I know why Dave has thrown it over to us, he is unsure which of the entries are legit! :p

    There are some entries which I can’t fathom to be real and have been setup…

    Not yet sure who should be getting it though…

  • Surprised to see my entry there 😛
    Looks a bit bogus because I’ve only just moved house and don’t have a TV unit yet >_<

    GL to everyone who entered though!

  • I was going to enter this, but then I realised that I couldn’t fit my whole set up in one photo and that even with the Roam Entertainment Unit, I wouldn’t be able to organise any better.
    I have too much stuff to fit into the desk I already have, and it would fit twice as much as the prize on offer (but takes up three times the space).

    In terms of the vote: I’m going to choose based on who has the most hope of making use of the very nice prize on offer, but it’s a tough choice.

  • ok.. i made my votes..

    Tomas, Rich and John all get my votes for these reasons:

    1. They actually look like they have the room for the set up
    2. the photo’s actually look like they may be genuine enough to not have been made for the purpose of this comp…

    Although, admittedly rich’s entry has me very confused.. i mean, if that is his usual set up.. who is stupid enough to balance an LCD TV on a sub??
    Seems rather precarious and fool hardy to me..

    • (Previous comment is awaiting moderation)

      TV’s been balanced on the sub for about a month and a bit now. It’s odd gaming at an angle, but my previous TV stand was a chest of drawers in my bedroom.

      Now there’s room to move, but nothing else to put it on!

      • you weren’t screaming expletives in the pending post, were you, rich? lol

        Man that would seriously just be heart breaking if anyone even slightly knocked it though… you’re a brave man…

        • Haha nope 😉

          The cats got close to the TV at one stage, but got chased away relatively fast.
          It’s actually surprisingly stable. There’s some bit of metal sticking out at the bottom so it’s rocked to one side constantly, but with a spare Gameboy cartridge or two I can make it straight 😛

          If I don’t win (which would suck 🙁 ) then it will be off to Ikea or some such to try to find a suitable cabinet for my soon to be growing number of games.
          Just got a ps3!


  • Seems like its all “Bad Setups” because people are lazy and can’t buy a coffee table (TV on subwoofers, c’mon)… If you can afford 7.2 Surround Sound and wallmount your TV, you can afford a freakin’ TV unit.

    Boo entries.

  • Jack wins cos his ghetto TV is being propped up by what looks like a cask wine box. I’m willing to bet with ingenuity like that, he rests his head on the blown-up bladder at night time 🙂

    Good luck all!

  • A shame a lot of those look terribly staged. I’m guessing several of these “worst” setups are a five minute move of furniture into the spare room. Oh well.

    I want Yiani to win, if only for the pink walls!

  • dont vote for dean 😛

    if he wins he wont have a gaming room he’ll just have a cuboard with a unit standing up on its end then hell be pouty face outside

  • Seeing some of these set-ups is really make me appreciate my set-up a hell of a lot more.

    I voted for Dean because he looks depressed and cramped…

  • Dean’s made me LoL the most. Had to vote for Jack though, I mean that TV is just so old. It actually looks like he’d have the space for the prize too 😛

  • I feel a little robbed of my entry. The comp outline stated previously to show off your gaming collection and crappy setup, would be nice if the comp followed through with the original requirements. Half the photos selected have no games Collection in them, Some of the entries have no Kotaku logo in them either.

    I also agree that some of the entries look staged.

    Anyway, good luck to who ever wins

  • Most of them look set up. But I guess that’s what happens when you announce the prize first, then ask people to send in their worst gaming console set up.

    At least Yiani’s is the only semi-believable one cos everything has dust on it! It also shows he’s a massive slob!

  • Some tough choices there. As people have mentioned, it’s hard to tell if some have been setup just for the comp or not. As much as I hate to see the neglect, it’s easy to see that Yiani’s setup has been that way for a while, which is why he/she gets my vote :0

  • Just glad to see mine in there 🙂

    I can say that it’s not set up, and it’s even a bit messier now with another console (no room!)

  • Rich for needing it and actually having the stuff to put on it. You don’t put a 22″ monitor on a giant entertainment unit, nor a CRT TV. But to that also, why would you spend the money on a TV et al, and not spend another $50 on a cheap table for it??

    And to David Wildgoose, where has Show Us Yours been for the last fortnight? :angryface:

    • Haha thanks.

      Don’t have one yet because I’ve just moved. It was previously in the bedroom due to lack of space.

  • lol, honourable mention has to go Rich. for putting his brand new, very fragile, poorly balanced TV on his active, 10″ sub-woofer!

    *Doof* *Doof* *Doof* *Doof* *Doof* *SMASH* *Doof*
    “Hey, I don’t remember that bit?”
    “Must be a remix.”

  • Just to clarify – We’re in the process of buying an LCD TV, I recently moved out of home and have just saved up enough to get one. I do have a ps3 languishing in a box under my bed


  • Yiani has a $1000 set of Sony Muteki speakers to go along with the wall mounted flat screen and PS3. So really, I think they are cashed up enough for a decent entertainment unit and should just go buy one!

  • To the 3% of you who’ve voted for me so far – cheers 😀

    To my competitors – may the worst setup win 😛

    You might not be able to see it in the pic, but behind the laptop, on the floor is a 360 elite.

  • I would of voted for Yiani but it doesn’t look like he has room for that unit!
    Voted for Thomas because he needs some serious cable management.
    Also I don’t think Piznarski is really in need for a console/entertainment unit as much as he is in need for a computer desk.
    Good luck Thomas!

  • Im really surprised with all the comments this has generated. This is exactly what i expected to see. My set up is not that much better but it is neat. I don’t have the room for the set up anyway so good luck to the winner.

    I voted for Tomas because his was the one I could relate to. My set up is not that dissimilar and I wanted to vote for the one i could relate to most.

    Good luck all.

    But yeah, Jack’s jumper (cardigan!) just can’t be missed. I love it.

    And Rich, using a sub as a tv stand is pure greatness.

  • While Dean and Jack do have good pics, it did say to post your current gaming setup. I highly doubt that is what they are.

    My vote goes to Rich, even if it’s a bit stupid to have a TV on a sub.

  • you people think ur set up is bad… I would re start the comp and get some people who really have a problem area to enter… These choices are pathetic!

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