This Guy Is Getting A New Gaming Setup

We’re giving away a smart home entertainment unit for gamers to the reader with the worst gaming setup. And that winner is...

... going to receive the Roam Entertainment Unit!

*switch on TV voice-over guy*

The Roam Entertainment Unit has been designed with a gamer’s needs foremost in mind. It’s got five bays for your consoles, two vertical and three horizontal, and all of them open for vital ventilation. It also comes with a cushioned storage bench that you can wheel out to sit on while you play as well as keeping all your controllers, plastic guitars and even games hidden away safely.

*switch off TV voice-over guy*

Yesterday we asked for your feedback on some of the entries we'd received so far. We even got you to vote for your favourites. Your vote wasn't binding, but we did take it into consideration when Seamus and I judged the winner this morning. And here's how that judging went...

First, we had to disqualify two of yesterday's twelve: Rich had 'shopped in the Kotaku logo while Jin did not include one at all.

After we ummed and uhhed over what constituted the "worst gaming setup", we filtered out those we felt looked like they didn't need a new entertainment unit as much as they needed a good tidy up and clean: out went Cole and Yiani.

Next, we realised we had to choose between legitimate setups and those that had been, well, set up purely for the comp. We then immediately realised it was impossible to be certain whether each entry was, in fact, legitimate. And so we wondered if it should matter at all?

In the end we felt we had to sacrifice Jack (surely that's just his little retro gaming corner setup in the poolroom? Nice jumper though) and Piznarski (it looks a little too much like he's just cleared some space on the floor) because in terms of the (probably) fake setup they're both beaten by Dean's hilarious entry.

And at the same we let go Ben and Jackson whose entries sure look like their real gaming setups, but aren't quite as disgracefully pathetic as Sam's. Look at that tiny shelf, the piles of games wedged against the TV, that tangle of cables, the chair, oh god the chair.

Then we came to John and Tomas. We looked at both these entries and couldn't decide whether or not they were genuine or had been staged for the comp. They could go either way, to be honest. But was John's as funny as Dean's or as miserable as Sam's? No, not quite. And the same went for Tomas. Sorry guys, you were so close!

That left us with Sam and Dean. Dean and Sam. Sam or Dean? Dean... or Sam...?



OK, fine, Sam, you're the winner.


    Ummm I actually had googled the Kotaku logo from my PS3. I can supply other pictures if you don't believe me ... /hurt

      Sorry, Rich, I believe you, but it just wasn't obvious enough. In this instance, Sam would have won anyway, so don't be too down.

        Ahh well, congrats to Sam then. Looks like I'ma going to go to Ikea this weekend!

          Ikea is awesome... though I don't think they have the greatest entertainment units for TV and Home Theatre...

          Storage for games though, walls and walls of options to put on your walls! :)

            I got a small storage cabinet for ours with doors... put the TV on top and now all the consoles and games are protected from dust inside behind the doors... all we had to do was drill a couple of holes for cords in the back... Looks fantastic too :)

    congrats on the win! should be a sexy little setup once it's all in place! have to say I'm a bit jealous myself! My setup is probably equally as crappy, but most of it is packed in boxes for my move, so had nothing really to photograph!

    Good choice, Sam's old setup ticks all the boxes:

    -Poor ergonomics
    -High probability of catastrophic fail due to gravity
    -Inconvienient to operate
    -Poor ventilation
    -It wouldn't suprise me if it stinks too

    Congrats :) that's one less crappy setup in the country!

    haha I was skimming through it and just saw Ben Jackson and thought "how the he'll did they get my last name" but then saw the and. Still weird lol.

    Sam's is funnier, well done! I would give my little brother away for one of those Entertainment Units I think they look awesome :)

    Sam could certainly make better use of it, if Dean really is stuck in a closet under some stairs.

    Tough choice...

    It's almost...
    *puts on sunglasses*

      haha, I laughed as soon as i saw SAM AND DEAN SAM AND DEAN aswell.

    lol, nice write up...

    good pick on the winner also...

    Congrats to Sam! remember to send in pics of when the new setup is ummm... setup!

    Congrats Sam, although I voted for the awesome jumper that Jack had on... I guess yours was in need of some desperate 'pimp my pad'.

    Now, we need a competition for the BEST gaming set up. I would like to see some serious spaces dedicated to gaming.

      I agree. Let's see some awesome set ups!

      Congrats to Sam! The faster you move all that gaming goodness off your wall-mounted shelf onto your new entertainment unit, the better.

      thanks, I only get it out towards christmas, its an odd fit, and figured it would add to the awkwardness of the whole thing so put it on ^_^

    I actually read that part in my head as a TV voice over host xD

    Congrats Sam the man!

    Hahahha, i really should of sent mine in. I'm running half my stuff off tables made of computer cases XD But i could never win the worst, i might just win the best, because i still have my snes set up.

    YES! YES! YES!

    Thank you, it's an honour, wait honour? Yeah honour!

    This will be my offical title for now on, Sam, owner of the worst gaming set-up in Australia

      Hahaha well done Sam - very very well deserved!

      Congrats dude, hope your consoles enjoy their new home!

    lol Dean... how the ***K do you play the Wii in there?!

    Congratulations Sam. You actually do need it more than I. I think I may go to my games room now shut the door and have a little sulk. Its quite dark and the spider problem has still not been completly resolved but you get that.

      hahaha for some reason i just got an image of spiderman perched on one of the walls just staring silently at you whilst you play games...

    Congrats Sam! I'm happy enough with my cabinet that I scavenged off the street from hard rubbish day. One of the glass doors is missing, but at least it has plenty of ventilation at the back. I just hope the fibre board top does not one day collapse under my 32 inch LCD. One day I will upgrade...

    Huh, I don't even remember seeing Sam's when clicking through all the entries. Must be blind.

    I reckon my set-up could have been a contender but i forgot to put a photo in for the comp :<, oh well i think i will buy it anyways...looks awesome and grats to sam on winning, that shelf doesn't look like it could hold that much weight lol.

    If only this comp had come along before I was married and subsequently trained in the arts of home decor. My old setup was a retired Kelvinator upright fridge (with the door seals removed), two consoles (PlayStation and 3DO), mono TV and a stereo on the shelves and the games stored in the door and crisper trays.

    Actually, I kinda miss it.

    Congrats to Sam! Awesome contest btw :D

    Perhaps a good idea for an article feature coming up - entertainment units and computer desks for gamers?

    As for realness, yep, mine is real. Unfortunately.

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