Someone Put A Spaceship On This Beautiful Video Game World, Right Now

Outerra, an engine that has the potential to change the way we play certain genres of video games, just keeps looking better every time we see it.

This new video highlights the massive engine's ability to generate and distribute vegetation as it flies over Mexico. Not a tiny, artificial caricature of Mexico. A 1:1 recreation of the country's actual terrain.

You know what, while spaceships would be the best, I'd also settle for a game on this engine featuring horses and six-shooters.


    I remember playing Jet on an 8086 pc, all wire frames and the most advanced tech was hidden line removal. Seeing this thing render all those elements in real time is just amazing. And then you get to the end and the grass is moving in the breeze! Sometimes you just have to sit back and think how far we've come in such a short time.

    When the camera stalled only feet from the surface, revealing individual blades of procedurally generated grass my jaw dropped.

    Imagine when open world games are this big.

      Just Cause 3: In Mother Flipping Space

    The main feature of this in reality is its adaptive loading/unloading and distance based detail rendering. A great example of all these things, but realistically it isn't anything that any well made game shouldn't be doing already..

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