Valve Working On A Brand New Source Engine

Valve Working On A Brand New Source Engine

The folks at /v/ from 4chan headed over to Valve to wish Gabe Newell a happy birthday (in a pretty intricate and ingenius manner) but in the fracas some questions were asked, and it looks like Valve could actually be working on a new Source engine.

In the above video Gabe states, in response to a question regarding a new source engine, that they’ve “been working on new engine stuff for a while” and are apparently “just been waiting for a game to roll it out with”.

Someone then asked: “Is it more than just an extension to Source? Like, is it an entirely new engine?”

To which, Newell answered, “yeah”.

Gabe also confirmed that, yes, Richochet 2 is in development, leading many folks wondering if it’ll be the first game using the new engine.

Gabe Newell Officially Confirms That A Next-Gen Valve Engine Is In Development [Reddit]

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