You Won’t Believe The Scale Of This Video Game World

You Won’t Believe The Scale Of This Video Game World

Last year, we told you about the Outerra engine, an ambitious plan to build a system for video game developers (and other software applications) that could make use of entire worlds.

The video we showed you then was impressive, but is now less so, because this new clip is even better. The first was from 2010; this one is very recent, and the visuals on Outerra are looking greatly improved.

Anyone who has played an open-world game like Skyrim, or a shooter like ArmA, will be going wild at the possibilities inherent in such tech. Let’s just hope that, when you start adding the code of an actual game to it, Outerra is able to maintain both its scale and its looks.

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  • I don’t believe a game developer would ever try and build such a massive game simply due to the cost but it does present a compelling platform for user created content – imagine indiviuals being able to create in their little corner of such a world and having others travel/game through it?

    • Yet consider the amount of money they spend on a single title when they could have built something like shown with some procedural content instead.

  • The big pull back shot is impressive, but only that bit of coastline has details,the rest of the planet is featureless snow.

  • Sadly this is just another voxels = infinite world/detail/repeating elephants pipedream.

    Voxels are basically clumps of pixels assigned to a height map. They look great but are processor intensive.
    The major issue is that while it’s not that much of a hassle to develop terrain or trees the complexity of voxels makes animations near impossible short of basic rotations as you’re not simply moving three points on a polygon but three thousand points on a vector mesh.

    It’s why in games like Voxelstien and Minecraft any animations are simplistic and the world is blocky as anything else will just set people’s computers on fire.

    The billions of trees are basically the same model running off an algorithm to randomise their appearance. To animate them you would be attempting to compute the movement of several billion points all at once.

    This idea isn’t new one bit: see the Delta Force series.

  • I would love a game where you can explore a whole planet in a space-ship style thing; imagine Mass Effect with this.

    It MIGHT to possible in the future.

  • Does anyone else think that one day games will become so lifelike, that we will all just turn our systems off and go outside? “Wow. The real worlds’ graphics are just so – lifelike”

  • Very impressive tech, although writing systems to then fill such a world with actual game content would be no trivial task…

    It’d be nice to see the return of those massive action-adventure games like Elite, Mercenary, Damocles, Midwinter II, Starglider II, et al that were so prevalent in the 80s and early 90s…

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