Sony Doesn't Want Your Insect-Infested PS4

Sony Doesn't Want Your Insect-Infested PS4

Consoles break. It happens. At the moment, should you happen to have a defective PS4 for whatever reason, you'd probably be able to send it back...unless it's full of spiders or something.

If that was the case, then Sony would prefer not to handle your console according to this note posted by journalist Brendan Sinclair. You can keep that PS4, thanks.

This was included in the coffin Sony sent me to return my busted PS4. So if your PS4 was full of spiders, you're SOL.

— Brendan Sinclair (@BrendanSinclair) November 20, 2013

Can you blame Sony, though? Who wants to get something with an inside that's infested like this? Ugh, shudder.

Sorry, folks with insect-filled PS4s!


    Man, that's no joke. I used to work in a computer store and certain customers would bring in their machines with busted power supplies because their psu's were actually filled with tiny roaches... as well as the rest of their machine. Truly disgusting stuff.... my boss still made me work on it though as we were about providing 'solutions', not worrying about our employee's health or safety.

    Anyway, totally justified.

    Uh. How on earth did they get it full of spiders in like a week?

      It wasn't full of spiders. Just the bit of paper from Sony said to not send back insect infested consoles. Just in case, I suppose.

    I assume it means remove your Battlefield 4 disc before sending it back.

    Well it will most likely be sent internationally to be refurbed.

    Used to work at EB. Once got a CoD Collectors Edition returned full of spiders and nests.

    Reading the guys twitter, it sounds like he was just playing normally and it died mid-game.

    Therefore, it sounds like it's the retailers or Sony's problem ... you're not exactly going to open up your PS4 (voiding your warranty) before sending it in, are you?
    I'd be pretty pissed if I bought a new device and nobody was willing to reimburse me for the spiders that I didn't order that came shipped inside the box...

    Bloody wuss's I used repair electronic gear from the wheat belt and it was usually blown gear from mice excrete....scorpions spiders were an everyday occurrence

    Spiders aren't insects, so it's fine to send back spider infested PS4s.

    As others have said, spiders aren't insects. This is something that most people learn in primary school.

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