Sounds Like Destiny Probably Won’t Be Coming To PC

Sounds Like Destiny Probably Won’t Be Coming To PC

I wrote a headline in May that read “Destiny Might Actually Come To PC“. So today is a total downer.

While there was initial hope that the 360/PS3/PS4/XB1 shooter would make the jump to the personal computer, a lot of that has been extinguished last week following comments from Bungie community manager Eric Osborne (as published by IGN).

“We know there are a lot of people out there asking for PC and we know that there are a lot of gamers that would willingly give us money, but what we have to do is make sure we’re focused enough to bring a good experience to any platform that we ship on. What we 100 per cent are not going to do is spread ourselves so thin that it negatively harms the other platforms. So right now we have the four platforms, which is a lot to focus on.”

So… if it comes to PC at all, it’ll come a lot later. Which isn’t the worst news, it’s just really bad news. Sigh.

Destiny Devs Talk Space Travel, PC, And Microtransactions[IGN, via PC Gamer]


  • OK, Bungie. We’re not going to yell. We’re just very, very disappointed in you. This isn’t how we raised you. I really hope you can take a good, long, hard look at what you’re becoming and realize that it isn’t very nice. We both know that grounding you won’t work, so we’re just going to have to cut you off. Call us if you ever decide you want to be part of this family again.

    (It’s OK dear. It’s hard, but we’re doing the right thing.)

    • Look, we raised Bungie to make Mac games. Is it any surprise that their platforms of choice are questionable now that they’re fully grown? They never stood a chance.

      • That was just an juvenile phase that we embarrassed them by showing pictures of at their more recent birthday party.

    • Bungie haven’t released an internally-developed PC game since they were acquired by Microsoft prior to Halo. Halo CE for PC was developed by Gearbox and Halo 2’s PC port was developed by a different team at Microsoft Game Studios.

      There’s almost no one left at Bungie that was with them during the Mac & PC era of Marathon, Myth etc. I’m not sure there’s even any PC development expertise left at the company.

      Best case is they’ll outsource a late port of the game.

      • This is what happens when children leave the nest and go on to forget everything they were taught. 🙁

        Fell in with the wrong crowd. Those damned, dirty console types.

  • This is your game developer’s brain: O
    This is your game developer’s brain on consoles: .
    Don’t let your game developer do consoles

  • What a pathetic answer. There’s loads of devs who are making games for all five platforms.

    Not to mention that it’s kind of stupid that PC isn’t being treated as a regular platform in comparison to the rest of the platforms. I’m not really surprised or even that angry, but it’s a real shame that PC is slowly getting less attention with multiplats like this.

  • What a lame excuse, so Bungie does’int want to work a bit harder to open themselves up to the huge market that is the PC?

    Bullshit. There is obviously some other key reason why they don’t want to release on PC, be it that Bungie might not want to risk their new game ending up on Torrent sites, or some petty attempt to try and get the PC market to buy next gen consoles (ehh that last one might be a bit conspiracy-ish).

    But luckily we still have lots of other games to keep us busy, can’t wait for the PC version of GTA 5 personally.

    • Piracy shouldn’t be a problem if they call it a MMO (which is what it’s being kind of hyped as anyway) and force online accounts – who wants to bet they looked into it briefly, but couldn’t get around gameplay balance issues? Keyboard and mouse let players smash the performance of gamepad players in FPSes. Unfair advantage on loot drops/mob-stealing in PVE, outright slaughter in PVP.

      • Ah yeah I remember reading something awhile back about the skill difference between PC players and console players, so that’s probably a huge factor if not THE key factor contributing to the loss of a PC version.

        • Also not ruling out your conspiracy theory. 😛

          Personal hyperbole-free (mostly) bet: They’re just going with what they know, afraid that having to learn/re-learn PC dev will slow them down when they’d prefer all their energy be going into the challenges that face them already on the systems they are comfortable with. Having worked on Halo on consoles for the last fucking forever, they’re all probably just more comfortable with console game-pad FPSing. (Weird, inferior aliens in that respect, but what can we do?) :/

    • so Bungie does’int want to work a bit harder to open themselves up to the huge market that is the PC?

      Huge market? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here but the PC market is NOT a huge market when compared to the console market. In fact, it’s tiny. A quick search of vgchartz reveals:

      BF3 sales:

      Xbox 360: 7 million copies
      PS3: 6.6 million copies
      PC: 2.5 million copies

      (And something a little less resource intensive) Portal 2 sales:

      Xbox 360: 1.67 million copies
      PS3: 1.43 million copies
      PC: 0.67 million copies

      So I do see this from Bungie’s perspective and do understand how crap some multi-plat titles can be from a quality perspective – BF3 started as a buggy turd, and BF4 has also started as a buggy turd. Bungie is synonymous with quality, their games have always had minimal bugs and are always buttery smooth. Plus they can charge twice the amount for a console release. So really, the revenue from those number of console sales is double the PC sales.

      Logical move, yes. Ethical and moral move? depends on what side of the fence you are on.

      • PC is a HUGE market, most of the companies are just not bother to explore it properly. While PC isn’t generating much of the initial sales due to many reasons (delayed release date, unoptimised release, multi-platform problems (mac, linux, windows), driver and graphic card support, out of date PC), it is proven to be effective with on-going micro transactions and subscriptions. Valve, Riot, Blizzard are the living proofs of it, they don’t need to make a move to consoles to generate super large figures!

        With the release of upcomming steam OS, I hope it will put more pressure on microsoft, hopefully it will make them regret for not making their windows a gaming platform. I would rather support indie games on PC than buying xbox just to play their exclusive games.

  • I’m struck by one of the devs comments from one of the original reveal trailers:

    “That moment, where we decided, that the right thing was for us to do something big,and commit the entire company to it, it’s a big deal”

    Something big, but not big enough to encompass PC? wth dude! you committed your whole damn company!

  • Why the fuck would you then decide to make it for dead in 2 years consoles 360 and ps3 and not flourishing for at least the next 10 years PCs?

  • They should have dumper current gen and done PS4/XB1/PC because they are all similar to develop for. Current gen is dead 😛 PC is actually the market they should have started with
    and THEN ported it to consoles. Oh wait that’s right, people love playing their FPS’s with a controller, instead of a wonky mouse and keyboard 😛

    • Exactly. Look Bungie are idiots. You seen themin vvideos? They have no clue riding on the fluke of Halo.

  • There’s currently a massive resurgence in PC gaming so I think any developer who ignores it as a platform is going to miss out in the long run. To say they’re spread across ‘4 platforms’ and include previous generation consoles in that count is really telling me that they’re not focusing on what’s going to matter possibly as little as 6 months into the future – PS4, XBox One, and PC. Sure, you can continue to support previous generation consoles for the next 2 years and hold back on the games you could create if you ignored them altogether, or you could drop them, stop being held back by old hardware, and still probably get 90% of the revenue you would’ve gotten from previous gen sales as most previous gen users concede they need to upgrade if they want to play the latest games.

  • I hate when these sorts of things happen. Not for the announcements themselves, but for the response from the fans of what ever platform got shafted.

    I would have liked to see this on PC since I will be getting a PS4, but oh well, these things happen, there is always games you will be waiting for, you will get over it

  • But how can the PC miss out on awesome titles? I keep hearing about the perfect utopia of PC gaming and yet a travesty like this occurs. What am I to think?

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