The PS4 Looks Great Compared To All Our Modern Consoles

Oh, hello, good looking. The PS4 is one sexy console, especially when stacked up next to the blocky consoles some of us may currently have sitting around our TVs. Video editor Chris and I decided to line them all up side-by-side to give you an idea of what I mean.

Oh, and stick around until the very end for some post-credit fun.

(P.S. They no longer call it the PlayStation Eye. It's just the PlayStation Camera. So just replace those words in that part of the video above.)


    Wow what's the console with the looks awesome

      Having only looked at the thumbnail... I think its the Halo 4 X360 slim

      I think it’s a Halo 4 special edition 360.

        Ahh yes of course, I only looked at the thumb on my phone too.....if I recall it was silver..must be reflection from the black consoles around it

          Hey nema the silver one was Halo reach ltd
          Haha I own both and they are waaaaay better than a ugly ps4

    I personally like the wiiu better :)

      It’s funny I’d never had a conversation with anyone outside of my serious gamer mates about the WiiU until the weekend. I honest to god don’t know a single person that owns one and I’d guess that outside of my nerd mates 99% of people don’t know what they are.

      Anyway, I was in EB Games sorting some Xbone stuff out and I pointed out to my other half that EB were selling the WiiU “with three games” but that two of the games were actually Super Mario World WiiU and Super Luigi World WiiU (or whatever the 2D ones are called) and that it was a scam.

      She took one look at the WiiU tablet and said “That things huge! Why does it have a screen on it? Don’t you just play the Wii on your TV?”
      This was despite having the WiiU sitting in a clear case right in front of it. She had no idea where one product ended and the next began.

      I never realised how badly Nintendo completely botched the design and marketing of that console until then.

        I never realised how badly Nintendo completely botched the design and marketing of that console until then.

        I didn't realise it until I brought one and couldn't find the Wii remote in the box. Where are the ads saying IT. ISN'T. A. WII. IT'S. A. DS. FOR. YOUR. TV?

        That said I do like the design of the Wii U over the rest. I guess the same can be said for the physical design of the original Wii. The Pro controller looks a bit generic but it makes up for it by actually being as generic as it looks.

        Back on subject, I really like the size. I wouldn't say the PS3 got in the way a lot, but it did when ever it got the chance. The front USB ports are going to suck if you want to plug in stuff that doesn't leave 1cm of clearance, but that's about the only thing I'd change.

        Yeah they sorta screwed up yhe marketing of it :( steller line up to be though! Also those mario games are not scams, they are actually quiet fun, im 19 and i enjoy them

    It looks like Sony have completely nailed it with their hardware this time around.

    Obviously we won’t know for a year or so but it looks to be powerful, cheap and well designed.
    I saw an Xbone the other day and the thing was just a massive black box. Possibly larger than the original 360 but without the concave bits.

    It’s not a major thing for me (I’m still buying an Xbone first because the year-1 games look better), but really the Xbox looks ugly, is HUGE, is less powerful and is more expensive. Add to that the fact that the new Kinect isn’t exactly small and also comes from the big-black-box school of design and you’ve got a machine that’s going to seem like an expensive eyesore to a lot of people.

    Let’s just hope that both systems are reliable this time around. I get the feeling that after the 360 RROD debacle Microsoft might have leant on the side of caution this time around, which could explain all the deficiencies listed above. Picking slightly more tested hardware, buying better parts, making sure everything is far enough apart to stay cool ect.

      The Xbox One is only 2cm taller and longer isn't it?

        I have no idea. That's still a fair bit though.

        It looks much bigger for sure! The flat, square edges make it look massive. Think like a flatter version of the original Xbox.

          PS4: 275 × 53 × 305 mm (width ×height × length)
          Xbox One: 274 x 79 x 333 mm (width x height x length)

          Just a bit over 2cm - I'm guessing the angles of the PS4 mask the size a bit.
          They look remarkably similar to me - two toned black boxes. Interesting that they are both smaller than their predecessor.

            It’s 2.6cm taller, which doesn’t seem like much, but the PS4 is only 5.3cm tall to begin with.

            If you say, “it’s 50% taller” that sounds much worse!
            Add to that the 90 degree angles and the thing looks like a massive black block, even compared to the (apparently larger) original 360 which had rounded edges and a concave face.

            I’m yet to see a PS4 in the flesh (plastic?), but compared to those other consoles it doesn’t look huge. The Xbone does!

            I'm sorry but Sony have a long standing tradition of making Ugly consoles the ps4 is uglier than the Xbox one see them both in person the Xbox one looks amazing especially the midnight black

            It doesn't sound like much but if you looked at a side-by-side, the difference is startling. The Xbox is something like twice as 'large' if you measure by volume and that doesn't account for the power brick that the PS4 integrates into the chassis.

          Saw a demo Xbox One at JB South Wharf today. Photos make that console look so much bigger than it does in real life.

          Looks sleek and hot as hell in real life.

            That’s where I saw one (JB).

            The dimensions and 90 degree angles reminded me of a VCR from the very early 90’s (just after the 80’s trend of making everything silvery grey died off).

            I’m still getting one on the 22nd, but I’m making sure I clear up some extra space under the TV first.

            It still looks better than the original PS3. By heaps.

              Yeah, the Xbox One looks a fusion between the original xbox and the 360. Looks awesome in my opinion though when they first revealed it at E3 I got the VCR vibe str8 off too! Though as the months have went on, it looks better and better - especially the final "liquid black," um, black. Maybe that "understated design" really does have a subconscious effect that you don't really notice until you notice it after a bit off time has passed :)

              I actually LOVE the way they made the One look both retro and modern in one go. VERY hard to do.

              Love the VCR look.

        Yeah, but the PS4 has an internal power supply, so its not a fair comparison. The innards of the xbox don't look designed so much as put together in a standard mini-atx case.

          Very, very true! I'm actually quite shocked at the simplicity of the Xbox One. Sony's consoles have never been ugly. The PS4 is an amazing achievement. I wasn't expecting a piece of hardware so sleak, nor compact as it is. The only issue is that the smaller it gets, the more prone to overheating issues. I wonder what measures they have put into place to prevent this. Microsoft obviously felt that their technology wasn't up to scratch enough for them to make use of any open space. Theres enough room in their console to put a power supply, but I wonder why they didnt? I know they've had massive losses in the past with unforseen overheating issues but they would've still have a lot of free space in there!

    Love this video!

    It fails the handbag test but passes the man-bag test. Definitely will buy one just for that.

    Damn Xbox power bricks.

    An acquaintance's house got robbed and they stole all of his shit except the 360. I suggested that the 360's power brick probably does serve one purpose: a deterrent to thieves.

      Yeah, if you swing it around your head it makes a pretty good dent :P

        The 360 S bricks are hellova lot smaller though.

    The PS4 does look nice. One thing I'm impressed with, in both consoles, is how refined the actual manufactured parts are compared to last gen. The motherboards are pretty much flat as L.A. on both systems, and really shows how far printed circuitry has evolved within the last decade.

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