This Is Why Kinect Is Actually Awesome...

Kinect is awesome because it's an interesting piece of technology. It's not interesting because we can use it to play video games. This incredible tech demo from MIT is mindblowing. Absolutely mindblowing. In terms of the potential, of the possibilities. We could be focusing Kinect on incredible stuff like this or we could be clumsily trying to use some shoe horned functionality in a game that would probably be better off without it.

inFORM is a display concept designed to make something virtual and intangible real and tangible. It sounds simple. But revolutionary tech always is. Using voxels inFORM is able to physically recreate any shape using Kinect. You could interact with an actual physical shape without actually being there. Seems insane. Seems like science fiction but with Kinect, and MIT's application of that technology, it's possible.

The scary thing is this: the above video shows inFORM at its most primitive. Think years into the future, with a higher resolution and increased scale. What is possible with this technology? What could be created? It's exciting. It's terrifying.

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    It’s not interesting because we can use it to play video games.

    Spot on. Every appealing Kinect feature on the Xbox One is not game related for me (except for Project Spark).

      So true.

      As much as hate playing games with motion controls, I love reading about the amazing new things people manage to come up with using the technology.

    so THAT'S how they did the Game of Thrones title sequence!

    I'm sorry but that is not using voxels, that is using a simple height map.

      I see what you're getting at, its kinda of both.
      A voxel is a volume element, representing a value on a regular grid in three dimensional space.

      You could argue the semantics both ways.

        I know what a voxel is, but neither the input( kinect ) nor the output ( inFORM ) are using voxels. The kinect sensor is angled to create a simple heightmap, which inFORM uses. Even if you converted the kinect's depth array into voxel data, you would be filling up additional space with incorrect information, which would then be culled from the system anyway because the output device is incapable of displaying it correctly given its a series of columns jutting out from the base.

        You can't argue the semantics. it's not both.

    In terms of the potential, of the possibilities.

    That is meaning less and less nowadays, what with the Oculus, the Omni and, most impressively, the Emotive EPOC.

    Who cares about motion controls when we've essentially just invent technokensis at a consumer price?

    I love that all the kinect stuff shown is all controlled by Apple gear.

    the porn industry is going to have an absolute field day with this

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