While You Were Sleeping

Tomorrow is Xbox One day. It will be a day of much rejoicing. A day of people talking to their TVs and getting frustrated. A day where video games will be played. This is While You Were Sleeping. This is what you may have missed overnight.

Reviews! First up you might have missed the pretty definitive Kotaku US review of the Xbox One. It's an absolute whopper, a beast of an article clocking in at about 7,500 words. It answers just about every question you could ask about the device and a few questions you didn't even know you had. Must read.

These are my own impressions of the Xbox One. I've had it for just over a week now. I like the Xbox One. I'm not sure if I'm ready to love it. TL;DR: I've friend zoned the Xbox One.

But hey, Sony also released a new console. No silly! Not the PS4 (although that was released last week in the US and Canada) I'm talking about the PS Vita TV thing, which was released in Japan.

What else? Well here's eight minutes of the new Ghost in the Shell anime if you feel like checking it out. This is the first official iOS game controller. It is okay.

Have a good day everyone.

In Short The Xbox One: The Kotaku Review How I Learned To Love The Xbox One: Australian Hands-On Here's Eight Minutes Of The New Ghost In The Shell Anime The PS4 Isn't The Only New Console Sony Released Last Week The First Official iOS Game Controller Is Here. It's Okay.


    HAH I caught that ninja edit, For a moment you had me thinking i had the wrong launch day for months :P

    Tomorrow is also "Zelda breaks street date" day....because you know it's going to happen. ;)

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