While You Were Sleeping

Tuesday morning. Woke up today with my son hitting me over the head with one of his toys. Best alarm clock ever. Wish it had a snooze button. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping! We talk about the news you might have missed.

Wow, actual video games announcements coming in overnight. That's a little bit rare. The biggest one, for us at least, is the announcement date of The Walking Dead Season 2. It's coming this month folks. This month.

As is Peggle 2. It's coming next week on Xbox One, via Xbox LIVE. You know I'm picking this one up. Oh God, oh man. Oh God, oh man. Love Peggle.

I found this to be quite important: the Chinese government is set to loosen its grip on online games. That's a massive, massive market there, rife with piracy. If publishers can find a way to monetise this market then the sky is the limit. I think over the next 10 years emerging gaming markets are going to be a very big deal.

Oh and in case you missed it: there's now a YouTube app for the 3DS.

This is tragic, and stupid. Man shot dead over PS4 sale. Why? It's not that important. Christ. I find this stuff heartbreaking.

In Short Report: Chinese Government To Loosen Grip On Online Games The Walking Dead Season Two Arrives This Month Man Shot Dead Over PS4 Sale In Case You Missed It Over The Weekend, There's Now A YouTube App For The 3DS Peggle 2 Is Coming December 9 To The Xbox One Via Xbox LIVE


    Also while you were asleep Kotaku totally backtracked on being angry at Sony not fulfilling preorders by giving Dick Smith extra launch day consoles, by promoting Sony giving 660 consoles for a pizza hut competition.

    Here's a nice one, Serrels. Apparently EA filed a Trademark for Desert Strike. Joy!


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