Man Shot Dead Over PS4 Sale

Man Shot Dead Over PS4 Sale

The arranged sale yesterday of a PS4 console in San Francisco’s Bayview District has gone terribly wrong, with one of the men involved being shot dead and robbed by the other.

The San Jose Mercury reports that having met the prospective seller and arranged to meet to buy the console, the suspect instead shot the victim – a man in his early 20s – multiple times, took the PS4 and ran.

San Francisco Police are currently conducting a search for the suspect. Anyone in the area with any information is being urged to contact police on 415-575-4444, or alternatively to send a text to TIP411, with the subject line “SFPD”.

San Francisco: Sale of Playstation 4 video game system turns deadly [SJM]


  • Whoa whoa whoa… when one says “I’d kill for a PS4”, one is not meant to actually kill for a PS4. I hope the suspect is found, and gets what he deserves.

    • Actually mate, this story is about a sale in San Francisco. The one that Owen did a piece on was in Orlando.

      Try reading the article before bagging the journo.

    • The real tragedy is that this has happened not once, but twice. Everyone being constitutionally allowed, regardless of education, training, or mental wellbeing, to own and carry firearms is not the conscientious idea it was back when you just wrested yourselves from underneath the rule of another country through war, America.

      Times have changed, and following a set of laws written by men who could not even begin to fathom the path of society’s development over 200 years ago is a really, really stupid idea.

        • They’re not really that ridiculous when you remember ‘Muricans think gun ownership is a basic human right, and not the abused privilege it has become.

          • You guys should all watch this video series:

            It’s a tongue-in-cheek series of interviews with a few pro-gun types, and comparing their reasons for why gun control would never work with what Australia did in the mid 90’s.
            It’s amazingly funny, and you’ll see how hypocritical some of these pro-gun people can be.

          • Yeah saw that. It was really pathetic when he listed the most important thing as a politician in America compared to what was said by the Australian politicians.

  • “What are you in here for?”
    “Iced a motherfucker and stole his PS4”
    “lol ps4 is for fags, get a xbox one n00b and I’ll kick ur ass in Forza 5, fgt”
    “stfu n00b, ur momma shot a man for a wii u”
    “ur momma thought xbox 360 was 359 times better than an xbox one”
    “ur momma was the inspriation for ET on the Arari 2600”

    Also, I wonder if the shooter teabagged the victim before taking off with the PS4..

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