​Wii Mini Heads To US With Mario Kart Wii

 Wii Mini Coming to U.S. With Mario Kart Wii for $US99.99

Nintendo is easing out the full-fledged version of their super-successful Wii console. But, for folks in the market for a Wii machine without the U in the name, there's the Wii mini. It'll come with Mario Kart Wii, which seems slightly counterintuitive for a console without online functionality.

The Mini came out last year as a Canadian exclusive for the North American market and was looked at as a sort of red-headed stepchild of the Wii family. When Nintendo divulged the end of production for the Wii, it seemed like they were trying to clear the lanes for sales of the Wii U. But they might've been setting the stage for the Mini, which seem to be primed to be sold as an introductory console. It's due to hit stores by mid-November.


    Huh. And here I was thinking it was going to just stay as a failed experiment.

    As a massive Nintendo fan, this is by far the stupidest thing they have done.

      Even worse than Virtual boy?

        Yeah, this is just pointless

          Not entirely pointless. Sony has consistently done the same thing for its consoles to its benefit.

            This is a wii though, how many units are they peddling these days?
            I'd pick one up cheap just to have in a collection, but as a legitimate device... really odd.

        Yes. Even though Virtual Boy was a dud it was a attempt at something new. This is just a spec'd down Wii, that really isn't that much cheaper.

    Pointless yes, but I still want one, you know this will eventually be a collectors item.

    Haven't Pal versions of this been selling from the UK/Europe for some time already. It's just a way to flog off a few thousands units down under in a different cardboard box. Surplus software/Hardware is no good sitting in warehouses, we are just the last to get it here in Aus.
    And yes, I want to buy one and keep unopened on a shelf to look at.

    Defs going to help push those Wii U sales up and lower confusion between the two consoles Nintendo, clever...

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