The Wii U Is Dying Before It Ever Really Lived

I won't miss the Wii U. But I'm going to miss what it could have been.

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The GameCube is widely considered to be one of Nintendo's least successful consoles, but looking back you realise that it's an important part in Nintendo's gaming history. The GameCube gave us some incredibly important installations in Nintendo's main franchises — Metroid Prime and Wind Waker were both groundbreaking both for their franchises and as games in general, along with a handful of solid entries like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine. GameCube even gave a start to a couple of new franchises — Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin are just a few examples.

Nintendo's most recent failure, the Wii U, doesn't share this distinction. It's a gorgeous piece of hardware with great potential that was just... never used, and with the NX looming on the 2017 horizon, it's looking like it never will be. When The Wii U was announced, with its screen-bearing Game Pad and... well, mostly just the Game Pad, eager Nintendo fans were excited about the new opportunities it opened up.

Take Nintendo's big franchises again — having a constantly visible map and inventory in front of you would make any Wii U Zelda game a delight to play, and a Metroid Prime-style game would have so much data and HUD information to display on the handheld device. While a few games materialised that embraced this technology, few of them were particularly memorable and even fewer matched the creativity that developers embraced with both the original WiiMote and the later WiiMote Plus.

I wasn't always this jaded about Nintendo's latest console. The Wii U was actually the last console that I trucked up to the shops and paid money for, fairly early after its release, too. Maybe it came with some pretty uninspiring games (Nintendoland did make for a great party game when guests were over, but it wasn't something you sat down to play during solo gaming time, and the other bundled game was some Avengers tie-in that I've never touched) but I was genuinely excited for the games that would be coming out soon. A new Zelda game! A 3D Mario title! The next Super Smash Bros! Maybe (at least I hoped) even a new Metroid game? But now, three years later, I feel like I'm still waiting for the Wii U to come into its own.

The New Legend of Zelda Game Is Delayed to 2017

Zelda was one of the biggest selling points for the Wii U — for me and doubtless for many other disappointed Wii U owners. Announced in 2013 for a 2015 release, it was later pushed back to 2016, then more recently it was delayed again until next year. And another disappointment — just like Twilight Princess was released in the last days of the GameCube and the first days of the Wii, the new Zelda will be the dying breath of the Wii U, and the beginning of NX. Like Twilight Princess, it's very likely to be designed fully with the newer console in mind — making the game that was known for so long as the 'Wii U Zelda' barely an afterthought of a Wii U game.

The fact is that as sad as the roster of games was when I first bought my Wii U, it's just as bad now. One of the top rated Wii U games of all time on Metacritic is the 'Mario Kart DLC Pack 2'. Sure it let you play as Link, and added Animal Crossing characters and 200CC races, but is that really a defining moment in modern gaming?

The Wii U's roster of games is pitiful in comparison to its other current-gen fellows, the PS4 and the Xbox One, despite getting the jump on them by almost a year. It has just over 50 exclusive titles (less than a third of what the Wii got). Its biggest titles tend to be uninspiring sequels, odd game spin-offs like Hyrule Warriors or straight up remakes of games that most Nintendo fans already own. One of the Wii U games that made the most impact was Mario Maker — a game that gave its players a bunch of tools and sent them off to design their own game experience.

In fact, the most notable thing that the Wii U added to the gaming world was Amiibos — an entirely new type of micro-transaction that also drives up demand with weird exclusivity deals that make them seem much rarer than they actually are. In case you can't tell, I'm not a fan of Amiibos.

Rayman Legends was probably the one truly memorable game I did get into on the Wii U (and I have to acknowledge the success of Splatoon even though I haven't got around to playing it myself), though due to myriad issues it ended up being released on all platforms rather than as a Wii U launch exclusive — and reportedly plays better on the PS4 or XBone.

There Are Altogether Too Many Links In Mario Kart 8

Most of my favourite games on the WiiU were the multiplayer games, experiences that you can thankfully still count on Nintendo to provide even as other consoles turn more and more to online play. Mario Kart 8 somehow managed to further improve on what has always worked with a very simple concept (although the same can't be said for recent Mario Party games), and Nintendoland gave us some of the most inventive use of the Game Pad as the Wii U ever got to see.

But as much as the Wii U is great to drag out when you have a couple of friends over and you've had a few glasses of wine, my console sees very little use outside of those moments. These are the kinds of games that make you enjoy a console — but they don't make you love it.

Honestly, my Wii U has seen the most use as an emulator — whether it's playing backwards-compatible Wii Games or something on Virtual Console. I've dragged out both Super Mario Galaxies, the entire Metroid Prime trilogy, and even loaded up the original Wii version of Twilight Princess (because I refuse to pay money for an HD remake of a game that I already own).

While the fact that you didn't have to buy new controllers for the Wii U if you were already a Wii owner was nice in an industry that loves to sell you peripherals and accessories, it only added to a niggling feeling that I had after my first year with the console — that the Wii U, consistent with its name, was not so much a new console, but a footnote to the far more successful Wii that came before it.

The Wii U met with an undeniably rocky start, though even then it had potential — all it needed was games. Was Nintendo already working on its next console, abandoning the disappointing Wii U? Or was its increased emphasis on micro-transactions and Amiibos to blame for the general dearth of new content?

I don't hate the Wii U. I just hate that Nintendo never gave it the chance it needed to reach its potential.


    You can use the Wii U to play Wii discs? Why am I just learning this!?

      You're kidding right? That was one of the core features made known long before it was released.

      In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if that is what made the Wii U move in the first place (it has a good Wii emulator in it).

        I didn't know that. I guess I just assumed that it wasn't. This is interesting. There are a few Wii games I'd like to play and I never had a Wii so I might look into getting a Wii U.

          I didn't know that. I guess I just assumed that it wasn't.

          Actually with the snubbing the PS4 and XBone had done to backwards compatibility, your assumption is understandable.

          Even the later model Wiis did the same thing later where GameCube compatibility was later removed but not always clearly known unless on looked at very fine red on white print on the box.

            The didn't really remove Gamecube compatibility, just the ability to use the discs as the loading mechanism stopped taking the smaller discs.

              They actually removed the gamecube controller ports from later consoles. Most notably, the Mario Kart bundle with the 'wheel' version.

          Just FYI original Wii games don't work with the WiiU gamepad controls (or pro controller).

          So you'll need a Wii Remote / Nunchuck

          I've recently spent quite a bit of time replaying/finishing Wii games I had let lapse. The feature works brilliantly.

          Wii-U premium pack with splatoon is $275 at Target at the moment, great deal.

            Wow, that's very reasonable. If I didn't need the cash to pay off my Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition next month I would totally go for it!

      The gamepad is 480p which suits wii games perfectly, it's a great way to play Wii games.
      VC games also look great.

      The gamepad also has a built in sensor bar. That's what the little stand/dock thing is for. You put the gamepad in that and it's pretty much a TV with a built in Wii.

    The worst Home console in ages. I'm not gonna miss it because I never cared about it, because it never gave me a reason to.

    Last edited 04/05/16 12:16 pm

      I have bought more titles for my Wii-U than I have for my PS4. The Wii-U had more quality titles than I could afford to buy, so I am very happy with it.
      It is a shame there weren't more titles that used the screen on the gamepad in really cool ways, but I don't see the U as a failure at all, it has been my go-to machine for a large chunk of my gaming this year, and is absolutely #1 when friends come round.

    The Wii U’s roster of games is pitiful in comparison to its other current-gen fellows, the PS4 and the Xbox One

    Remember that Ninty say they don't even consider themselves in competition with MS and Sony. They are seperate and special. I feel it's unfair to even compare things like game libraries... /s

    Just kidding guys. I grew up with Ninty and would honestly love to see them come out with something fantastic. Even just a full HD Pokemon RPG would give me cause to re-buy a wiiU or buy an NX.

      I always found it interesting that at any time they could just make the console instantly appealing by putting a HD open world Pokemon game on it.

      Im sure they have their reasons not to. Reason number one being that they just don't give a damn about what players want.

      It's an interesting point actually, and the benchmarks for each console to be considered 'good' are definitely way different. In comparing numbers, the Wii U actually has way more exclusives than the Xbox One, but the Wii U is still disappointing where the Xbone isn't (well, depending on who you ask).

      I feel like it's because Nintendo's thing is exclusive, cool first party games that you can't get on anything else, that wouldn't even be able to be ported to anything else because the control scheme is so unique. Even though the Wii U was finally able to support games like Mass Effect 3 or Assassin's Creed, you don't buy a Nintendo console for games like ME3 or Assassin's Creed.

        So basically each company can spin numbers to make themselves look like that was the plan :)

        Nintendo is exclusive because that's their only choice, that's their vision and that's what the 'delivered' with the Wii-U. There's a lot of speculation about the NX, I just hope they really really really aren't banking on another "Wii" gimmick. We're on the cusp of VR and have seen a plethora of I/O devices, I don't think another one will sell units like the wii did. I'm happy for them to bring gimmicks to the table, just make it awesome and have a library of games that are relevant and I'll be happy (and so will their sales).

        Yeah I'm totally with you on the Ninty are their own thing by way of their exclusives. I just loved when they said they didn't even consider the X1 and PS4 as competitors.

        My thoughts on the whole situation: You keep doing you Ninty. Even if it doesn't appeal to me personally any more. As much as I'd buy a new ninty console the day they released a Pokemon open world RPG, they shouldn't change whatever weird control scheme they come up with next to appeal to me.

    Firstly, I'm 100% with you Hayley on not paying money for a HD version of a game I already own!

    I love our WiiU and always thought it would get a lot more use than it actually did. I don't know what games I will even be able to buy on it this year...

      I paid money for the hd version of Halo 1 on the Xbox 360 and didn't regret it one bit. The detail, the wide screen, and the ability to switch between old and hd version during game play was just awesome.

    as a relatively late adopter of the Wii U, I honestly feel a bit fucked over by this.

    picked up the console when Mario Kart dropped & got maybe... 9 months? a year? before Nintendo basically gave up & started focusing on the NX.

    Wii U is actually the first console I regret buying. Dont get me wrong, I like the thing. I liek the games I have; they're fun & coulorful & there's some great local multiplayer times to be had with your mates, but if I'd known the console would have such a limited support duration, I probably wouldn't have bought it.

    Wii U was always gonna be a 'failure' compared to the Wii. & not selling 70 billion consoles like the Wii did is not a failure. The Wii was a freak example of the perfect storm; good price point, & a whole segemnt of the market (young people, families, local multiplayer fans, anyone who was a bit over everything being 'gritty' etc) to themselves.

    Good luck to Nintendo with the NX though. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic console. I just don't trust them enough to buy one.

      Interestingly the first console I regretted buying was the GameCube!

      Amazingly four years on you can still buy a WiiU at a major dept store in this country back during the GameCube era they all but disappeared from dept store shelves in 2004 with PS2 and Xbox dominating shelf space at retail

    It's a real shame. After the promise of the first year or so (ZombiU, Rayman Legends, the rumoured potential of a Metroid where you scan by moving the Pad around...) my brain was better at making WiiU games than the developers were.
    Outside of a few standout titles (all first-party Nintendo games) the WiiU has been one big disappointment. And this is from someone who bought it day 1 and raved incessantly about how it wasn't going to be another Wii.
    Remember when EA were on board and released Mass Effect 3? Wow. Third party support faded as quickly as the shiny veneer of a new console did.

    Last edited 04/05/16 12:29 pm

    This is a bit rich considering that for the entire console's life-span this website still shows a WiiMote and Nunchuck as its indicator for Nintendo content.

    That's just one example of game sites blatantly ignoring the machine and the games out for it, one way or another.

    Petty? Not really. But nor is it that big a deal - I am totally okay about and quite agree with a lot of what's been brought up here by Hayley. I'm hating the system not the sista (tm).

    My own personal 'gee I thought this would blow my socks off' situation involved Mario Maker. Completely bounced off it, I can't really begin to explain why. I think it's a combination of my affinity towards the other 2D platformers of those eras over SMB, the controllers I must use to play SMB, and the general route the community has taken with the game?

      You've made that claim about Nintendo games being ignored on several occasions, and I think you really need to get over it. There's only one party to blame if Nintendo games are sparse, rehashed, or just generally undesirable to a website's target audience. And it's not the media.

      Why did Dark Souls 3 get so much more coverage on Kotaku? Because even though it the third(/fifth) in a series, it's still compelling, and so mysterious that there are loads of surprises and hidden details to explore. But the coverage is definitely dying off earlier than, say, Bloodborne.

      Why has Starfox Zero received so little coverage? Because it feels stale. It "is saddled with dull level design that is passable but far below expectation". There's really not an awful lot to discuss after it comes out.

      Don't let perceived victimisation hide the fact that the (unfortunately rare) excellent Nintendo games DO get a lot of media coverage. You couldn't move for Super Mario Maker articles a couple of months ago. Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon all received massive focus in the months following their release. They are genuine classics that will be remembered long beyond most games on competing systems.

      The stark reality is that even though I enjoy playing other games I didn't mention on my Wii U and 3DS with my son and/or wife, it's all about the experience at the time. I'm not captivated and constantly thinking about them in the same way that I am with Bloodborne, The Witness, Super Meat Boy, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Uncharted, Rocket League.

      Nintendo games, and therefore the Wii U, have become dependable but unexciting - boring - to the mainstream AND the enthusiast. Sad, but true.

        Oh totally, which is why I qualify my remarks the way I did. It's not easy to articulate something that's critical (in the end) but not want it to come off as don't read the comments fodder.

        I'm not going to start comparing Star Fox and Dark Souls but mentioning those other games, they have practical re-playability built into them from the start. Of course I agree a dude playing through NG+++ with crazy weapons and tactics makes for a better read than a 'funny thing that happened to this person' in Smash Bro, because it's still apple to oranges.

        You hit the nail on the head - the spontaneity, the experience at the time, not that easy to make into compelling stories.

        It's galling that the Aussie team doesn't seem to have even bothered to touch Star Fox, however I understand - and love the fact - it's like many other personality-driven outlets. Complex emotions about games is why we are all here :D

      If anything Nintendo is overrepresented on Kotaku and the gaming press at large.

      This is a bit rich considering that for the entire console's life-span this website still shows a WiiMote and Nunchuck as its indicator for Nintendo content.

      The WiiMote and Nunchuck is a hell of a lot more iconic and distinctive than the Wii U's gamepad, which is pretty much the point of an icon

    For me, I think Nintendo's consoles will always be a secondary buy, in addition to the new Xbox or PS. The Wii was perfect for this with it's low price point, the U not so much. I still ended up with one eventually, and don't regret it at all, but I don't think I could ever choose a Ninty console as my "main" console.

    It really is a family console. The games it has really are perfect for kids and parents to play together, simple enough for kids to play alone, or challenging enough for parents to play alone. Unfortunately, none of this was never marketed well enough, and it was never seen as desirable in the same way that the wii was (and, really, that PS4 is now).

    Also, I've played Rayman Legends on both Wii U and Xbone. I found the Wii U version to be be significantly more enjoyable.

      I got really into Rayman early on in my Wii U ownership, and living in a house with a shared living room and TV it was great to be able to shift the game onto the gamepad to keep playing when everyone else wanted to watch TV. It's just disappointing that I never really got any other games that were worth using that feature for.

        If you're living in a house with a shared living room, then you also have the environment where the Wii U beats out all competitors - same screen 4 (and more) player games! Please tell me that you've busted out multiplayer Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D at some point!?

          Yeah, on occasion. But most people don't want to play multiplayer every night (I know I don't want to interact with people that much after a day at work).

          Interestingly Smash Bros was one of the games I was super excited for on the Wii U and even though I own it I've only played it once. It just didn't feel different enough from Brawl, I guess (and I got really into the Subspace Emissary story mode when Brawl came out, so it was also a little disappointing that there was nothing fun like that).

          Also we ended up playing New Super Mario Brothers U way more than Super Mario 3D for whatever reason.

      On this, I find it pretty difficult to find same room multiplayer games on the Xbox. Nearly all of the split screen or co-op titles I have are backwards compatible 360 titles. On the other hand, nearly every game I have on the Wii-U is 2 or more players.

    The best Nintendo games are the ones that don't rely on you flapping your hands around. I mean, look at almost all first party Nintendo games released since the Wii came out. Almost all of them were regarded as "great, but too bad about the motion controls. Stick and button would have worked better." Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns, fucking Starfox Zero. 3DS as well - look at the ratio of rad-ass 3DS games that use traditional controls compared to those that need you to hold up the system and fuck about with the stylus on the touch screen.

    Alternative control schemes suck, and a console built around alternative control schemes are destined to suck. At the very worst of it you have Skyward Sword and Starfox Zero - two games that frequently needed to have their controls recalibrated. It's absolutely inex-fucking-scusable that you EVER need to recalibrate your controls because they've janked off-centre. Unforgivable. Punishable by death. Curse them and their children forever more. If they don't work perfectly, then don't put them in. Nintendo's supposed to be all about instant, simple, intuitive, pick-up fun, and it really speaks volumes about what they're blindly groping for when they include instructions and press-releases saying "oh you just have to get used to them after playing for a few hours," or "hey do this when things inevitably fuck up."

    I love Nintendo, and there are games on the Wii U that I love too. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon... but what all those games have in common is that they work traditionally and don't need gimmicks to be rad. Unless you can get your new-ass control scheme to work absolutely perfectly, and I mean so perfect it's as natural as a d-pad, thumbstick, buttons, what have you... then leave it out, because it's always going to be compared to the former and it's always going to be found wanting. Give me GameCube 2 with fancy-ass graffix and a noice controller. The only reason a second screen should exist is so I can play games in bed or on the toilet.

      3DS as well - look at the ratio of rad-ass 3DS games that use traditional controls compared to those that need you to hold up the system and fuck about with the stylus on the touch screen.As opposed to the DS, which rocketed off specifically because of the touch screen? Games like Brain Training, Nintendogs, Trauma Centre, Rhythm Heaven, Kirby and the Canvas Curse. Games that rely on the touch screen, and were great because of it.

      Hell, you even go on a tirade about motion controls and yet go and praise Splatoon. The best thing about that game is its intuitive motion controls, which do indeed have a Reset Neutral Position function. I haven't played Skyward Sword yet, but Star Fox is great. Just get the cockpit up on the TV, switch gyro aiming to When Shooting instead of Always and you're all set.

        Yeah, I praised Splatoon - because you can turn the motion controls off. Never once used them - why would I want to after oops, Wii Motion Plus is off-kilter! Gotta pause, but my controller upside down on a table for fifteen seconds and wait for it to recalibrate. Search Splatoon motion controls on Google, and the top results are "how do I turn them off?" "should I use them yes/no," or "how do I get used to them?"

        The one game on that list I'll give you is Canvas Curse, which was pretty cool. I'm not going to dignify those other items on the list by calling them games. Elite Beat Agents? Elite Beat LAMEgents, o'hohohoho! Trauma Centre, Rhythm Heaven - all those things you listed are basically Simon Says games. Tap or flick or slide or whatever here in the correct order following the prompts. The only items on that list that make the top-selling DS games list are Brain Training 1 and 2, which pretty much owe their popularity to either schools jumping on the "oh hey this'll get kids engaged with learning if we give them DS units" bandwagon, or people who generally don't play games buying it because it's not a game and might stave off Alzheimer's for a couple more years. Most of the top games sold for the DS? Traditional games like Mario Kart, Mario, Pokemon, Zelda - which blew ass compared to the Zelda games where you just used a d-pad/stick and buttons.

          You really should try the gyro controls for Splatoon before lambasting it rather than just rely on second or third-hand accounts from what could be a vocal subset of the playerbase.

            I'll judge it on every other gyro controlled game ever. One tiny example: Uncharted - gyro-controlled grenade lobbing! It was never used again.

              Or you could judge it by actually giving it a try.

              Others can attest to how well they worked - just ask @greenius how irritating a sniper I was.

                Irritating in general :P

                I seriously don't think I ever played it again after we played lol... May be coincidental ;D

                  It's been months upon months since I last touched it either. Got more important stuff to sink hours into now.

          Never once used them - why would I want to after oops, Wii Motion Plus is off-kilter! Gotta pause, but my controller upside down on a table for fifteen seconds and wait for it to recalibrate.Maybe because we're not talking about Motion Plus? Which I don't recall having any problems using with Red Steel 2, from memory after the initial calibration it would generally reset itself using the sensor bar. But again, that's hardly relevant to the Wii U at all.

          all those things you listed are basically Simon Says games. Tap or flick or slide or whatever here in the correct order following the prompts.You realise you just described every game ever, right? Just replace "tap or flick or slide or whatever" with "press the button or push the control stick or whatever".

          Last edited 04/05/16 3:40 pm

    though due to myriad issues it ended up being released on all platforms rather than as a Wii U launch exclusive — and reportedly plays better on the PS4 or XBone.Eh? I could've sworn everyone at the time was saying the Wii U was the better version.

    Though that said it wasn't anywhere near as good as Rayman Origins.

    It's so sad to see this happen to Nintendo. I grew up with them, from the little Game & Watches all the way through to the 3DS and Wii. I think the Gamecube was the last Nintendo console I loved. The Wii was fun for a while, but didn't have the library that the GC had, and I never had any interest in the WiiU. I really hope they can bring something special with the NX, but I just can't see it happening.

    I can see everyone's points and It is most certainly true but i'm just listing the games I own and don't regret purchasing a Wii U for as they were fantastic games =)

    Bayonetta 2 (came with Bayonetta 1 as well)
    Sonic Lost World (I loved it)
    Star Fox Zero
    Hyrule Warriors
    Pokken Tournament
    Yoshi's Woolly World
    Super Smash Bros Wii U
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Mario Kart 8
    Nintendo Land (which was surprisingly good)
    Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush/Curse
    Mighty Switch Force HD Edition (this game is on 3ds but the HD edition is amazing)
    Affordable Space Adventures
    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Re-release but Amazing)
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Another Re-release)

    and this last one sort of counts
    Rodea the Sky Soldier (The Wii version which only came with the Wii U version)

    Last edited 04/05/16 1:09 pm

      Moaning about the Wii U games and then saying you never played Splatoon, probably the best Wii U game to date and an amazing refresh of the stale FPS genre?

      Found it really hard to take many of the points seriously. Mario Maker is case in point. Also Zelda being completely designed with the NX in mind? Not to mention that it's been built for most of it's life for the Wii U. Even bringing up Twilight Princess which the same thing happened to and the ORIGINAL version was the best. (edit - played Smash Bros once)

      The whole tone of the article sounds like she set out to dislike it from the start.

      Last edited 04/05/16 2:04 pm

        Where's the Mario Galaxy of this generation? Or the Wind Waker/Metroid Prime? Or the Ocarina of Time?

        Maybe it's just my play style but it's the epic single-player experiences (especially in Nintendo's big three franchises) that make or break a console for me. Like I said, I was really hopeful for the Wii U in the beginning, I really wanted to love it. You're welcome to like it, but everyone games for different reasons and the Wii U fell short on almost all of mine.

          Bayonetta, the Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 all offered great big single player experiences. There were also 2 Assassins Creed titles which are also big single player games.
          Wind Waker HD was a remaster but well worth it the 2nd time around too, at least in my opinion.

          Either way, you really should pick up Splatoon. I've never played primarily online games or been huge on shooters in the past but the game is just so fresh and enjoyable. Pure fun.

            Add in Xenoblade Chronicles X which is probably the most impressive title that the Wii-U has in terms of Graphics, Scale and creative loading (considering its open world and runs amazingly).

      Done pretty well, you just need to flesh that out with Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 ;)

    I've barely played mine but I've loved every second of it. I'm sure that it's meagre library will get a blissful future run just like my beloved Dreamcast.

    WiiU is my favourite out of the three consoles, i feel like the experience you get from PS4 XB1 can be found elsewhere with better results and with a better library of games with more diverse hardware and controller options through PC gaming.
    I find unique controllers such as the gamepad and a great library of exclusives centred around the hardware make for a better console experience than a console that is essentialy not unique from the rest.

    It's a god damn crime that there was never any sort of Dungeons and Dragons/dungeon Crawler game with 3-4 people playing on the TV and one person playing as the Game Master, spawning traps, mosters, building the layout of the maze, controlling NPC's....

    Sigh v.v

    I really wish Ubisoft would have given ZombiU a sequel. It was such an underrated game, and made great use of the gamepad.

    The article starts by giving a modest praise to the previous "worst" Nintendo console, the GC and segues into pointing out how the WiiU cannot even achieve that. However, all the same things can be said about the Wii U, it's just too soon, so people are being as unking to the WiiU as they were to the GC by the time of its demise (even those that today speak highly out of it). The WiiU has several great (if not the best) instalments of their traditional franchises and started a couple highly popular ones (Splatoon and Mario Maker).

    I'm pretty sure that in 8 years or so, people will be looking back at the WiiU and sighing with nostalgia, and using the WiiU's unappreciated strengths to poorly compare whatever flaws they see with the current system.

    eh, I love my Wii U. Ton of great games, some pretty solid virtual console entries, Wii backwards compatibility, off screen play. I've got my money/time's worth, for sure.

    As a contrast, I've turned my Xbone on once and wish I'd never bought that. Different stripes I guess.

    Good article though, well written. Enjoyed the read :)

    Sucks how it turned out for the Wii U. I bought mine expecting a bigger range of future games and also for the Virtual Console to be great so I could play all those great older titles. Sadly wasn't meant to be.

    I'm not angry at my purchase as I've had great times playing Mario kart 8 and some older titles and stuff on the Virtual Console. What I'll probably do now though is spend the remaining time playing some of the classic Wii U titles I haven't got yet. But I won't really hold any hope of any great future titles and I'll concede the Virtual Console is a dead cause. It sucks though as the Wii U seemed like a fun alternative to the PS4 and Xbone (both seen indistinguishable to me and some what uninteresting when you've got a PC)

    This may be the last console I'll buy for a long time as I'll just focus on PC gaming and retro/emulation gaming. Cheers for the fun times though WiiU

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