10 GameCube Games That Should Be Downloadable On Wii U

The Wii U won't play GameCube discs. But it will play the Virtual Console, Nintendo's online shop that lets you buy games from old consoles like the Super Nintendo and N64.

We're two generations removed from the GameCube now. That qualifies it as an old console. So when chatting with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime last week, I had to ask: will GameCube games ever come to the Virtual Console?

"That is a great question," he said, smiling. "And personally I would love for that to happen, but we have nothing to announce right now."

OK. Maybe we'll get GameCube games on Virtual Console, then. Maybe we won't. Either way, I've got 10 suggestions for GC games that could help bolster Nintendo's library of classics.

Skies of Arcadia: Legends

The Virtual Console partially exists to fill holes in your gaming knowledge, and if you're an RPG fan who stuck to the PS2, Skies of Arcadia might be one of those holes. This game is a classic. It stars sky pirates. Sky pirates!

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Arguably a better game than the first Paper Mario, Thousand-Year Door added more colourful characters, more wacky areas, and more charming humour to the must-play series. Might be a nice VC release to help sell the new Paper Mario on 3DS.

Resident Evil 4

The best Resident Evil game in its original form. Even today, few horror survival games can compare to the awesomeness of RE4. It'd be lovely to play again on Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Maybe my second-favorite Zelda game (after Link to the Past), Wind Waker is totally replayable. It's too bad VC games won't be HD: Wind Waker would look fantastic with a better resolution.

Eternal Darkness

This bizarre game has turned into a bit of a cult classic over the years. For good reason. It's fascinating. You travel through time, reliving peoples' experiences and running into all sorts of crazy psychological terrors along the way. rumours have been circulating for years that developer Silicon Knights is interested in a sequel: if that were to happen, a VC re-release would be a nice tie-in.

Super Mario Sunshine

Not an all-time classic, but better than you remember it being. It's Mario, after all.

Metroid Prime

The first Metroid game to go all first-person on us was also one of the best. Metroid Prime was a worthy (and refreshing) entry in the action/adventure/scifi series. And I bet it still plays great.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Four Swords Adventures, also known as "that one Zelda you bought a friggin' GBA adaptor for," would be quite fitting for the Wii U's tablet controller. If Nintendo can somehow engineer the game to use the GamePad like a Game Boy Advance, Four Swords Adventures would be a perfect VC release.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Yes, Metal Gear Solid has been re-released a lot. I really liked The Twin Snakes, though. It might be my favourite remake among the many, many remakes that game has seen over the years. Would I play it again? Sure!

Super Mario Strikers

Maybe the best Mario sports game? Sorry, Mario Tennis fans. Super Mario Strikers got me to tolerate soccer. It deserves to get on the Virtual Console just for that.


    It won't happen. It'll be like SNES and GBA games on 3DS, Nintendo is hopeless.

      It should happen, but I sadly think you're right. The eshop on 3DS is pathetic. Such a wasted opportunity.

      whinge about lack of new IP, whinge about not getting the opportunity to re-buy the old stuff.

      can Nintendo win?

        Yes they can win by producing either or preferably both of those things. They lose by contining to ignore the internet, New IP's and their collection of old classics. Sony shows how it's done on the latter.

        Yes, condsidering the freeware coders in the emulation scene provide an better service - for free.

      Every single survey I fill out for Club Nintendo I lean heavily on the "please, for the love of bacon, start treating your Virtual Console service like you actually give a damn... you're literally missing out on millions of dollars in profits! Do you hate money?"-type feedback... I was begging for a portable VC when the DSi was coming out.

      After several years of doing that they came out with the 3DS and gave us GameBoy games and about 5 NES games... I feel like I could scream.

    Never played 4 swords, never wanted to. I bought the gba adaptor for Wind Waker. Could they make WW work on the Gamepad with the Tingle Tuner etc?

    I'd prefer to see Eternal darkness given the HD treatment with spells, menus and maps on the Gamepad screen. A brilliant game looking and playing even better.

      Oh my shit yes! GBA connectivity lives on!

      Four Swords was pretty awesome btw. Even when played solo.

        Crystal Chronicles was another game that used the GBA connectivity wonderfully well.

          OMG! Such a great game, how did I forget!

    Missing Twilight Princess. Gamecube version is the proper version.

    Also, Tales of Symphonia.

      Funny you mention Tales, as I'd also add Fire Emblem. In regards to the list - it is savvy! The only gamecube games that I kept are within that list (as well as Baiten Katos). Loved Skys of Arcadia and Eternal Darkness!

        Definitely missing fire emblem

      Seconded. Only thing the Wii version had over Cube was the pointer controls, but outside of that GCN was superior in every way possible.

    Can't really agree on Metroid Prime. As much as I loved the GC version, the Wii versions handled really well with the Wiimote.

      Really? Can't get my head around the Wii controls. Feels so wrong.

        I replayed metroid prime not too long ago. Having the left stick be forwards/backwards/turn rather than strafe did my head in for a while. Wii controls IMO were superior to the typical gamepad controls for a FPS (but still inferior to KB/M).

    My Four Swords came with a free cable...

    The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 was way better than the GCN version - it still had live cutscenes as well as the bonus content that the PS2 version had. The shooting mechanic was improved with the Wii remote. Pretty sure it was widescreen too.


    Mario Strykers bored me, Mario Golf on Cube really made me appreciate golf games.

    No MarioKart Double Dash?

      Or Starfox Adventures?

      Rather than this, I'm hoping that Mario Kart U(?) will allow DLC... in the form of old racecourses from past games!

    I just realised. I'd prefer if there was HD versions made & released to disc. I can always play all my fave GCN on the old CRT in the back room.

    Eternal Darkness is still one of my all time favourite games.
    I'd really love a sequel, would be a tough act to follow though.

    I hadn't considered GameCube games on the Wii-U before, but if they are not compatible, does that mean Wii games are also not compatible? I mean, I was under the impression that GC games worked on the Wii because it was basically the same hardware - if that was the case, then do Wii games not work on Wii-U? Or has Nintendo artificially crippled GameCube game compatibility? :(

      The latest Wiis don't have Gamecube backwards compatibility (GC/BC?) any more.

    You forgot killer7

    Um... Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime will already be playable on WiiU by getting their Wii re-releases. Oh, and the WiiU Gamepad would never be able to properly replicate playing Four Swords, because you can only ever use 2 of them. Four players was really the only way to play that game.

    Meh, if you own the original game, might as well emulate it.

    Wind Waker in 1080p with Dolphin? YES PLEASE!

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