Australian-Themed Bar In Japan Will Be Reborn As Dark Souls Cafe

A Dark Souls Cafe Is Coming to Japan. Yes, an Actual Cafe.

You've played Dark Souls the game. Next January, in Tokyo, you can patron Dark Souls the cafe!

From Software, the game's creator, says the goal is to recreate the game's mood in the form of an eatery. On January 6, Australian themed bar OZ Cafe in Tokyo's Nishi-Azabu will be reborn as Dark Souls Cafe. Currently, there are no photos of the completed cafe.

This is part of a promotion for the upcoming Dark Souls II, which will be released this March. Starting January 6, the Dark Souls Cafe will be opened for a limited time only and serve Dark Souls themed food and drink.

A Dark Souls Cafe Is Coming to Japan. Yes, an Actual Cafe.

No word if the cafe makes it unbelievably hard to order or if you must wait abnormally long for your meal. Doubt it, but Dark Souls ain't easy and its cafe shouldn't be either!

Dark Souls Cafe [Official Site]


    Australian themed bar?

      Probably get glasses on the way out for an authentic experience

      They sell a bunch of Australian beers, kangaroo skewer kebabs, "Crocodile dundee steaks" and "Ostrich and avocado cheese cutlets". They also have a hamburger, but the description doesn't mention beetroot, so presumably it's not authentic...

      This is courtesy of their menu via Babelfish BTW, so the translation may be spotty.

      They also have a lot of seafood on the menu. I have no ideas what pescatore Sydney Style may be (other than some type of fish).

        Pescatore is usually a pasta sauce with mixed seafood. I dunno about Sydney style. Balmain bugs, maybe?

        EDIT: Wow. 4X, VB, Fosters and Crownies. That's not exactly a good representation of Australian beer.

        Last edited 12/12/13 8:51 pm

      They're actually not all that uncommon. A mate of mine touring Europe made a point of visiting Australian themed pubs where ever he could, and there were plenty of them, popping up in most of the major cities. Always tacky and always full of drunken expats.

      Last edited 12/12/13 8:43 pm

    I want to open an Australian cafe in Japan. I can fake the Australian accent really well.

    Maybe the cafe has a PvP area where you can sit at someone's table, knock them out and steal their food

    Myself and two mates almost opened a game themed bar in Perth called powerbar we were pre-approved but it was at the dawn of the financial crisis and we were denied the loan last minute :|

    Try the Basilisks. They'll get you stoned.

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