UemeU: A Sandbox Game That Lets You Do Anything. Anything.

A Sandbox Game that Lets You Do Anything. Anything.

In an attempt to better explain what their game is actually about, UemeU's developers put together a new trailer. I think I understand now. And I'm amazed.

Give the trailer a watch here:

It's hard to believe, but all of that, everything, even the spaceship part, is from the same game. It's sandbox taken to its logical extreme: you really can do anything. I'm really excited (and somewhat scared; the internet is a strange place) to see what people will come up with when the full game hits. It should be quite the sight to behold.

You can still check out the buy-in alpha (and its free demo) over at the official website, and there's also a Greenlight page with lots of juicy discussion.

Private Alpha Trailer [ModDB]


    Whenever I'm told I can do anything in a game it makes me think of when a girl tells you you can do anything sexual with her and you point to her ass and she says "anything but that".

      Though in their defence, I wouldn't let you have sex with a donkey if I owned on either.

      Whenever I read comments like yours it makes me think of how depressing it must be to be a 35 year old vigin.

        45 and I'll have you know I touched a boob once. Felt like a bag of sand.

    yeah, but can I lick a battery?

    wow, since when was the comments section meant for fudge packers anonymous?

      You must be new to the internet.

      I really hope you see the irony of your own comment.

        alas i did not, but now feel rather embarrassed.

    Please tell me it has rift support!

    Erm ... it's basically Domark's 3D Construction Kit, innit ? If I didn't already have this same experience on 5.25" floppy somewhere in my parents garage where it got consigned to back in the 90's, I'd be well excited. This looks totally shit-tastic ...

    The Wikipedia Entry -


    People still using it -


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