Apple Patents Oculus Rift-Style Headset

Apple Patents Oculus Rift-Style Headset

If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll already know that the real next-gen gaming revolution is virtual reality, spearheaded by the Oculus Rift. It seems that Apple has been taking notes, with a freshly uncovered patent revealing sketches of a potential Apple-branded head-mounted display.

A 3D glasses system resembling "ski or motorcycle goggles", the 14,000-word patent focuses more on media viewing than gaming or Google Glass-like AR features (though it does leave room for both), offering a personal screen mounted in a frame with a display for each eye creating the 3D visual effect.

Where the patent gets more exciting however is in its description of a feature that could improve the viewing experience for those with eyesight problems. Rather than having to squeeze a pair of prescription glasses under the goggles, Apple describes a conceptual data processing technique that could adjust the image sent to each individual lens to compensate for those with eyesight problems — an-as-yet unaddressed shortcoming with other dual-display 3D glasses systems.

As ever, a patent is no indication that a company has any concrete plans to put a product together. But it does show that Apple recognises that head-mounted displays are an area of interest for tech-savvy consumers, and potentially one to watch. With the company in recent times accused of resting on established glories, more adventurous concepts like this one could be needed, should the iPhone bubble ever burst. At least it's a change from iWatch and iTV rumours, right? [Patently Apple via TechRadar]

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    Hey look, it's Apple doing their thing! Suit up for court Oculus.

    Last edited 15/12/13 8:38 am

      You might argue that the Apple lawsuits were petty, but don't try and imply that they did their thing after the companies they were going after.

    This better bloody not mean Apple is going to sue anyone who tried to correct eyesight with a virtual display... That's only disadvantaging people with poor eyesight who can't bear to look at their product for fear of it becoming worse. Screw you Apple.

      Pft. Profits are more important than helping people.

        Apple has the most comprehensive help programs and funding for R&D for people with disabilities than any other mainstream company. I have to kids with disabilities and can tell you, apple has gone above and beyond, both directly with us, and with app developers, OS inclusions and attendance at disability conferences. Seriously guys, if you are gonna hate, do your research first.

          That still doesn't mean Apple won't use this patent to prevent other companies from using the technology which could ultimately end up helping people (possibly more than their ideas will).

          If they were all about caring, they'll quickly release it royalty free and claim the patent is to protect the technology from patent trolls.

    Looks like this is going in a slightly different direction to the Oculus Rift with what sounds like a self contained portable AR system, whereas to use the rift in the same way, you would also need a computer attached since it is only a Display and Tracking.

    Hopefully this does go somewhere, as even if Apples product fails, it will generate sufficient hype for immersive portable AR systems.

    Apple: Think Different.

      Apple seems to of created their first VR headset to monitor input back in 2006 though..

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