Bravely Default Continues To Look Like The Final Fantasy We Want

Man. This game. MAN.

This new trailer for the role-playing game Bravely Default — out for 3DS on February 7 — shows off some of the game's features and side-modes, and lord I am excited to play this game. LORD.


    Not sure if you know yet, but Bravely Default is already out in Australia…

      You raise a good point, JB website has it available from the 7-12-2013

      Yeah this had me confused, i was thinking... wait then what have i been playing for the last week!!?!?!?

        We must have gotten it from a retailer that broke street date waaaaay too early.

      Yeah I saw it and bought it days ago...this article confused me.

      F**KING GREAT game btw.

    Game does look cool, but its it's certainly not the Final Fantasy I want. I want a return to futuristic, semi real, dark world as created in FF7 and FF8..

    Last edited 19/12/13 2:46 am

    Yeah, you should all download the demo before you buy it. It's pretty damn good and it also gives you rewards for when you start the actual game.

    This article is American, and this game has already been released everywhere except for America, therefore everyone should read about this great new upcoming game! < American Logic

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