Don't Fall For This Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Prank

Don't Fall For This Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Prank

A spurious image has been making the rounds and implying that you can use the Xbox One's developer tool menus to make the Xbox One play Xbox 360 games. Problem is, the image is dead wrong and you could brick your Xbox One. Don't do that.

Earlier this week, the inputs that let you access the Xbox One's developer menus surfaced. This is the stuff that's going to let game-makers everywhere use their retail consoles as games creation stations. And the instructions in the Backwards Compatibility Image sound like the kind of thing that will magically make Microsoft's newest game hardware into a last-gen + current-gen unicorn.

Don't Fall For This Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Prank

To be clear there is no way to make your Xbox One backwards compatible & performing steps to attempt this could make your console inoperable

— Larry Hryb (@majornelson) December 6, 2013

But Xbox exec Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has warned Xbox One owners against messing with the dev tools. The tempatation to make your new XB1 machine into a two-in-one purchase is understandable. But who wants to roll the dice and wind up with a broken machine?

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    *psst* "tempatation"

    Does this actually brick, or just result in the need to re-image the box?

      This would be the boot-loop they were warning about. Great job 4chan.

        This is the Xbone equivalent of "Delete System32"

          not really, its more like deleating the BIOS.

          system 32 can be restored without losing anything else, and without even reinstalling the OS

          A bit worse than that. This is before 'system 32' equivalent is even loaded, the xbone gets told to reboot. So in a PC analogy, you wouldn't even get to the DOS prompt.

    Don't warn people about it, if people seriously think backwards compatibility is just a switch, then let them go ahead and break their Xbox's :P

    Well maybe Microsoft should actually make this a bit trickier to get into? Or at least some dialogs saying "THIS COULD BRICK YOUR CONSOLE" ... or better yet, verify the settings are correct before rebooting your console into oblivion? (No, not the game, that's capitol O and doesn't run on an XBone.)

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