Framed Is Made In Australia. It Looks Like A Work Of Goddamn Genius.

Okay I'm not even going to bother trying to explain Framed to you. What's the point? If you watch the video you will get it immediately. I guess a moving picture really is worth a thousand words.

Alls I want to say is this: I really want to play this video game. I hope it gets the attention it deserves. What a clever idea with some seamless implementation. I need this in my life.


    That really does looking extremely interesting.

    Got the chance to check this out at PAX. It is definitely awesome and deserves all the attention it gets and more.

    This and Superhot have me really excited for the future: games that focus on unique gameplay and ideas , not simply focusing on storytelling (David Cage) or realistic/flashy graphics (any AAA game really). While I love a game that can combine the two, like The Last of Us, it's an 'outside of the box' gameplay idea that really hooks me, and proves that videogames are an entirely different medium altogether, not simply an interactive drama.

    And people complain that there's nothing new in gaming.

    From time to time something comes along to prove "them" wrong. Great concept, hope they pull it off.

    I dunno, it looks to me more like something that would be one puzzle inside a larger game. I'm not sure the concept can carry an entire title. We'll have to see.

    Wait.. You mean 10-50 word articles with a youtube/other embedded video aren't the norm on all Allure Media sites? Weird...

    On the plus side, the game looks great :)

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