FRAMED 2 Is Out Very, Very Soon

Image: FRAMED 2

One of the best games to come out of Australia in recent years and Kotaku's Australian game of 2014, FRAMED is finally getting a sequel. And if you'd like to know what it looks like, well ... it looks good.

If you have never played FRAMED, at it's core its a puzzle game where you move around the frames of the action, a little like a comic book. But that's an incredibly reductive description, as it doesn't mention the animations, the soundtrack, the theme, and just how perfectly it works on mobile. Or the fact that it's one of Hideo Kojima's favourite games of recent years.

You know what, just watch.

FRAMED 2, which is a prequel, will be out June 14. It's launching on mobiles (specific platforms haven't been announced yet). If you want to give the original crack, it's on Android and iOS.

Update: The platforms haven't been announced yet; my bad.


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