Micro Hexagon Is Super Hexagon On The Commodore 64

Commodore 64 enthusiasts and programmers staged their second RGCD Cartridge Development Competition over the weekend, and among the dozen games that beat Saturday’s submission deadline is this — Micro Hexagon, a port of last year’s mindbending Super Hexagon (and one of our GOTY nominees.)

Micro Hexagon’s authors are Paul Koller and Mikkel Hastrup, adapting Terry Cavanagh’s PC and mobile sensation for the venerable warhorse of 1980s personal computing. It looks “easier” to me without the perspective changes, but then, every time I feel like Super Hexagon has gotten “easy” I crash a dozen runs at 11 seconds or faster. It’s remarkable how much the game still looks — and sounds — the same, however.

The video shows the game played on a CRT monitor; obviously you can load it into an emulator and enjoy it that way, too. See the link at bottom for a .zip containing Micro Hexagon and the other games coming from the competition.

RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition 2013 [rgcd.co.uk via Reddit]


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