Tell Us Dammit: Favourite New Series Of Last-Gen

When we look back at the last generation of consoles, what strikes me is how many prominent game series fell by the wayside, and how easily they were replaced by newer games. Think about it: we used to have Jak and Daxter, we used to have Ratchet and Clank (we still do I guess, but yeah...) now we have Uncharted and Assassin's Creed.

It makes me wonder: what are we going to see on the new generation of consoles. What series will make the transition, what new IPs will we fall in love with?

So looking back at the generation that was, what were some of your favourite new series, and what are you hoping to see from new consoles?


    Mass Effect for me.

      no doubt in my mind about this. so damn good.

      Happy it was the first post :)

      Agree ... Mass Effect definitely, Bioshock deserves a mention but I wasnt a fan of the 2nd game, but loved all the ME games, even 3.

        ME3 was amazing right up until the last 10 mins.
        then it was just... average.
        the extended cut fixed that to a degree, it could've been so much greater, but I was happy enough with what we got.

      This. Uncharted was up there but the third game was really disappointing, whereas ending aside I enjoyed everything about all three Mass Effects.

      Absolutely. By far the most engrossing series of recent memory.

      1000 times this.

    Does Demons/Dark Souls count as a series or are they supposed to be separate games

    What about Trials HD/Evo? It may have technically started in the previous generation with the PC games

    One definite one though: Mass Effect

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      I consider Dark Souls as a spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls. Something that should regularly happen but doesn't because publishers and people in Hollywood think their audience is dumb and can't fathom the idea of enjoying something they like without a number after the title.

        Or From Software didn't have the rights to name their game Demon's Souls 2 because of the deal they made with Sony to make Demon's Souls in the first place.

    Mass Effect for sure. The most ambitious new IP, multiple game branching story, player-character development carrying through the series, amazing scale, accessible, engrossing.

    From the top of my head...

    - Demon/Dark Souls
    - Borderlands
    - Uncharted

      Ohh how could I forget Bioware stuff!

      - Dragon Age
      - Mass Effect

      Also does Fallout count? I know it wasn't started last gen but the series did get revived then.

        Dammit, I'm bad at this:

        - The Witcher

          Is the Witcher a 'last-gen series' though? Only one game in the series is on consoles right now. It's more of a PC franchise and doesn't fall into generations as a result.

            It was released on last gen consoles and has plans to be released on current gens. Don't see why it wouldn't.

    batman - arkham, assassins creed, borderlands, bioshock, dishonored

      Dishonored doesn't count.. DLCs don't make it a series.

    As Jim Sterling said, a new console generation should be a point where we wipe the slate clean and start again. Creating new IPs to experience rather then milk out old IPs. What's the point in a new generation if we're just going to do the same thing all over again?

    Moving old IPs onto the new generation should really be there just to help some people ease into it. Despite the fact that I loved Uncharted, I really don't want another Uncharted game. Unless they do something new, they've done all that they can with that franchise.

    I would like to see more of The Last of Us though. Dishonoured and Dragons Dogma were great. The rebirth of Rayman worked well. Mass Effect was fantastic and Dragon Age was also great. The first two Arkham games were amazing.

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      Nintendo missed that memo.

      I still love their games though.

    Batman - Arkham stuff
    Gears of War,
    Witcher (if it counts, starting on PC an all)

    But above all i guess i'm jumping on the bandwagon with Mass Effect.

    Xenoblade! (@greenius)

    de Blob!

    Deadly Creatures!

    Little King's Story!

    Red Steel!

    No More Heroes!

    Disaster: Day of Crisis!

    Mushroom Men!

    The Conduit!

    Rayman Origins if that counts!

    Exclamation mark!

    I think Guitar Hero for me (it was technically a series), and of course Assassin's Creed.

    The new IP I'm most looking forward too is Watch Dogs. I think (hoping) that will be a dominant series of next (current?) gen.

    Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Uncharted (2 and 3 only)

    My top 5 games of last gen
    1. Uncharted
    2. Mass Effect
    3. Borderlands
    4. Dead Space
    5. Gears of War

    Just went back and started the Uncharted series again in the last few weeks.

    First game is great, but the second game is just amazing. Can't wait to start no. 3 again

    Uncharted, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Borderlands I would love to see all these make a next gen appearance.

    Mass effect series
    Saints row 3 and 4
    Team fortress 2
    Half-life 2s

    Watch do- oh wait that got delayed.

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    1. Crackdown

    2. Gears of War

    3. Alan Wake

    4. Dead Space

    5. Uncharted

    Assassin's Creed for me

    - Valkyria Chronicles
    - Souls series (DaSo, DesSo)
    - Atelier Arland trilogy and the new Dusk series (Yes, I know Atelier games have been around longer, but they are done in distinct series)
    - XCOM: Enemy ...
    - BlazBlue
    - Borderlands

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      Valkyria Chronicles :(


      Unrelatedly, how are the Atelier Dusk series games? I've had all the PS3 & PSV releases sitting waiting for me to get around to them but every time I try and start with Rorona I get sidetracked because the game's not that great. Not that it's bad, but it never really fully grabs me and I end up losing interest. I know that the games get better as they go but I understood that Ayesha de-emphasized the scheduling and crafting a bunch of stuff for a timeline in favor of upping the RPG elements? It might be a better fit for me if so.

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