That Ain't Right

That Ain't Right

Has the YouTube ContentID fiasco gotten absurd enough yet?

This one's via Twitter and there appear to be more and more like it, with creators seeing their own work deemed by YouTube's copyright bots as the property of someone else. Cavanagh is disputing the claim, which is being held by a company called IndMusic. Hopefully this gets sorted out.


    Now's the perfect time for a solid YouTube alternative to launch.

      Twitch would do well launching a video service along side there streaming service.

    At least this game has been published, the worst one is the game that guy made himself in BASIC

    Jordan - AKA. Captain Sparkles, Sums it up pretty nicely. At the moment a content creator can only have 3 strikes against them and then their channel is shut down. But copyright infringement claimers can claim as many claims as they like with no reprimanded but actually get rewarded for reporting false copyright claims.

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