The Big Question: PlayStation 3 Or Xbox 360

It's not the end, but it's as close as dammit. Some of us have already moved on the Xbox Ones and PS4s so maybe now is as good a time as any to take a look back and ask, which console did you prefer using over the last seven or so years? The Xbox 360 or the PS3?

I'm going to refrain from answering.

Actually no, I'm not. Bugger it. I definitely played my Xbox 360 more over the course of the last generation. So I'm going to have to say the Xbox 360. I did however, enjoy the PS3 for its exclusive titles. In fact, I think the PS3 had better exclusives to be perfectly honest.

But if your console is the best console for third party titles, there's a good chance it'll be my console of choice. I think that's why, so far, I'm preferring my PS4 to the Xbox One.

Anyway — your turn to choose!


    Hard to decide, so ill just go by hours played. Xbox 360.

    PS3. What else can I say other than that the 360 lives in a cardboard box whilst the PS3 lives under the TV. There was a clear winner this generation in my house.


    I bought the 360 first because it was cheaper. Then I got the PS3 later (free with my TV!) and it had more exclusives that I wanted and I just preferred to console in general, especially after multiple 360 hardware failures.

    In the end I sold/traded all of my 360 stuff but kept most of my PS3 stuff before entering the new console generation. It had a slow start but the PS3 has been a great console.


    and I'm keeping both to keep playing games!

    ...although I still have nobody to play ODST with >:

      I'll play ODST with you!

        Noooo you need 4 people to really make it work.


            It's not my fault that I don't know two other people who would like to play ODST >:

              Am still missing that one last achievement in ODST, the get to set x, wave y on Heroic.

              Saddens me to this day :(

                I'm still missing both Vidmaster challenges, and all but 2 "set score" achievements in ODST. I didn't get them before because I view ODST as a co-op only kind of game and you should play it with friends. But my friends at the time were total assholes. Like, I'd set up a LAN, they come over, we set up ODST and they go, "Whoops! ODST is only 4 players! Guess you can't play with us Neo", then continued on to leech my internet until it capped. Any achievements they didn't get they just did it by themselves, on Easy for 4 hours.

                  That's.. a shit effort by your mates. The Vidmaster ones were tough if I remember.

                  We attempted to get this achievement one night, took all 4 of us about 2 hours to get a few waves out from success until it all fell apart. Brute chieftains on heroic with that many skulls activated destroyed us.

    For me, it was the 360. I didn't get a PS3 until a few years ago when I met my boyfriend and I'm pretty sure that the only time I play anything on it is if I'm reviewing.

    I’m voting 360, but I think it depends largely if you have a PC or not.

    If you don’t have a PC then the 360 had better versions of more cross-platform games than the PS3 had, better online systems and in my mind the better controller. In that case the 360 was definitely the way to go.

    At the same time the PC got better versions of most games that made the 360 the better console (Mass Effect, Skyrim ect), so if you already had a PC and were looking for a console, then the PS3 had more top-notch exclusives that you couldn’t get elsewhere.

    At the risk of going all Oprah on everyone, “EVERYBODY WINS” that console generation.

    PS3. I like the 360 controller, but always been a Sony fan. Just a bit sad I have to wait until March to get my PS4 =(

    The 360 was winning. Then the PSN debacle. Sony rises from the ashes with PS+. Haven't used my 360 in a year.

    This is a tough one, I think the PS3 is the better console, but I like the 360 controller and achievement system better than Sony's controller and trophy system.

    In the end I went with 360, because I did use it more.

    I definitely played my Xbox 360 more over the course of the last generation. So I’m going to have to say the Xbox 360. I did however, enjoy the PS3 for its exclusive titles. In fact, I think the PS3 had better exclusives to be perfectly honest.

    This pretty much exactly sums it up for me. I liked the 360 controller more as well, so always picked cross-platform games mostly based on that.

      But you can get a third-party PS3 controller with the layout of a 360 controller.

    PS3. It had blu-ray. But my opinion is void because I couldn't justify 2 consoles, and paying for multi-player to boot, so I only had the PS3. It went through months and months of just being used for movies and music and it never let me down.

    But I can also say that I had some STELLAR gaming experiences on it as well. And this is coming from someone who started with PC, and for almost 10 years, has always had a really good gaming PC (new GFX card every 2nd or 3rd generation, CPU & mobo every 3 years, ebay your old gear, easy).

    Yes PC has better graphics but it's less family friendly and there's a lot more stuffing around trying to get everything to work smoothly. I had to have 3 or 4 cracks at modding Skyrim before it was pretty stable.

    At the start of the generation I preferred the 360 on all fronts. The dashboard, the controller, Xbox Live, etc. Then PS3 sort of won me over towards the end with all the exclusives from Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream. I'd go with PS3, but I still have way more games on my 360 for what it's worth.

    (sold 360 after they said no more halo)
    But why not both pretty cheap now days


        I think those are the consoles he's bought lol. Thought it was saying PSOne is the best and PS4 sucks the most until I realised the 360 is in there twice.

    "Some of us have already moved on the Xbox Ones and PS4s"

    Some of us are waiting for EB Games to call and tell us our consoles, ordered back in August, are available to pick up which other people who pre-ordered mere weeks before launch date were called mid-last week and invited to pick up their machines (different retailer, but point is still valid)

    I am really regretting the pre-order with EB Games

    For the first few years, 360. From mid generation onwards, the PS3 won for me by a great margin. 360's UI went to hell, and later in it's life stuff like a lack of BD drive really started to become an issue. I could easily and readily change my PS3's hard drive myself as well. MS wanted you to buy their branded and overpriced drives for the 360. I know it could be done yourself, but not as easily as just slotting a new drive into your PS3.

    My PS3 was my default BD player, I also downloaded and managed my PSP's digital library from the PS3 too. The advent of the Vita just cemented it all - cross play, cross purchase, downloading and managing my Vita's library were all reasons to focus on the PS3.

    EDIT: PS3's mini-B powered controllers and stuff like Bluetooth functionality were also great. Could use any old USB mini-B lead to charge your controller, and use just about any Bluetooth headset on your PS3.

    EDIT EDIT: And play and charge kits. Urgh. At least DS3 was rechargeable from the outset, instead of making you buy a controller and pay extra for the privilege of making it rechargeable.

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    Xbox 360. Xbox had the better exclusives at the start of the gen and that's where I got invested. I'm glad I had a PS3 for games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain and The Last of Us, but I disliked the interface, the store, the general array of features and the main usage it got in the last few years was as a blu-ray player. I won't be buying a PS4, at least not anytime soon, seeing as how the Xbone has a Blur-ray drive now.

    I put a ridiculous amount of hours into Halo 3, and I've never enjoyed any multiplayer game as much since. I miss it.

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    I prefered the PS3, the 360 was a bit too eager to get into my wallet for my taste.

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    Bought the 360 first, but after a few years found it mostly redundant to my PC. The PS3 has had a good lineup of interesting exclusives that appeal to me, and is still relevant and in use. PS+ was just the icing on the cake.

    PS3 for me. Had good times with 360 as well.

    edit: also where my Wii at Mark? :p

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    They say actions speak louder than words.

    I bought both 360 and ps3 at launch.

    I sold the 360 around a year ago due to not being used, I still use the PS3, even though I've got a PS4 as well.

    I found the PS3 to be a better all rounder, probably the blu-ray player was it's biggest trick, and the ps3 exclusives were superb.

    I did prefer the 360 controller, the forza series will be missed and xbox live was better than PSN on the old gen.

    PS3 still won last generation for me though.

    i dont understand how people are saying the PS3 won the last generation... unreliable (unsafe) online service and unbearable patching. controllers from 1994 designed for the hands of a 6 year old... yep sounds great.

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      totally agree. The PS3 had some really good exclusives in the last few years but every single person i know that has both consoles has said 360 kills it,

      I reckon that if they released new consoles about 2 years ago it would not even be a question about who was better. 8 years is too long for a console and it showed. I just got sick of the 360 and a lot of other people did as well. Not that it was bad, just the same thing really. So they tried a ps3 for a few years

      Yeah! How dare those people prefer a product different to the one you preferred! Next thing you know they'll be trying to justify their incorrect preference by saying they liked the games better or something. What a bunch of dickheads, hey?

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        yes, they are terrible people and they should hate themselves for it.

    It’s not the end, but it’s as close as dammit.

    Hardly! Now's the perfect time to pick up one, if not both. I don't think the current gen is worth investing in just yet. This is coming from someone who has a Wii, PS2, PS3 AND PS4 currently hooked up to their TV. I'm almost considering grabbing a 360 because I haven't experienced what Microsoft console gaming has to offer. The only thing stopping me is the fact I pretty much lost a testicle when the wife saw me bring home the PS4. I'd hate to lose the other one.

      ^ This.

      With prices starting to drop / better bundles means that I will be spending my christmas break with a shiny new PS3 and all the games I missed out on. Xbox served me well since 2007 (with no RROD and onyl replacing my Elite for the newer version) but GTAV was its last hurrah tbh (mainly used it as Foxtel connection until Foxtel Go came out and wanted to charge me more for less). As with the previous gen, I will wait a year or two before I invest in an XB1 or PS4, give enough time to let the dust settle.

    Both. I like the ds3 a lot less than the 360 controller though.

      You can get a 3rd party controller for the PS3 in the Xbox layout.

    I once owned both consoles.

    I sold my 360 and kept the PS3.

    Personal preference \o/

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