The Most Incredible PC Case Mod I've Ever Seen

The Most Incredible PC Case Mod I've Ever Seen

Pardon the hyperbole, but boy, this is something else.

Designer Hiroto Ikeuchi calls his PC the "secret base".

Most PC casemods are content with using some paint, maybe some basic custom cases. Ikeuchi's is more like a work of art.

The Most Incredible PC Case Mod I've Ever Seen

Wired says his PC is inspired by stuff like Gundam and Macross. No matter where you look, whether it's, monitor, keyboard or tower, there's something going on, some little hidden treasure.

Not all of the embellishments are just for show, either. That tank is the PC's mouse, and there are eight pieces of heavy artillery that are actually USB sticks!

The Most Incredible PC Case Mod I've Ever Seen

There are more of these wonderful photos on raku-taro's tumblr (which is itself an awesome way to spend a morning).

This Insane Case Mod Looks Like a World War III Fever Dream [Wired, via technabob]

Ikeuchi Products[Site]

Photos[Rako Taro]

The Most Incredible PC Case Mod I've Ever Seen


    I prefer a minimalist design.

    Whilst there's a lot of work there and it has a nice artistic flair, it's not in the slightest practical or something I'd want on my desk for every day use.

    Modelling diarama's are nothing new, it's just not be taken down the PC mod path before on this scale.

    If you've ever played Warhammer 40k or Necromunda, this wouldn't look like something that over the top, just busy.

      The regular pc tower could make a pretty badass base to build an Imperial Guard Leviathan around

    Am i the only one who thinks this looks absolutely horrible?

    Credit given where due for execution but personally i think it looks ugly.

      I'll take it on step further and say you actually lose functionality on this design. The crane covers the right edge of the screen.

      Yes it is beautiful but function must be paramount in any PC design - then form can come into play.

    Desperately impractical as a case mod. As a diorama, though, it's pretty wicked.

    I love it. I wouldn't use it for my main PC.

    imagine swapping out parts in thanks.
    as mentioned - great diorama, impractical case

    Ok, maybe the case I could deal with but nothing should obstruct your monitor

    Somehow I think people saying this is bad due to its practicality don't realise that you don't go to that much effort to make a practical computer, but instead of a work of art.

    Would be a nice thing to have sat on a shelf aha :P That said, it doesn't need to be a Case Mod to achieve this, although the clever use of the actual creation as the PC peripherals, is very nice.

    Looks like something out of Ghibli. I love it!.. Wouldn't want it though...

    Impossible to reach keyboard is impossible to reach.

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