The Most Surprising Mii That I Ever Met

The Most Surprising Mii That I Ever Met

I StreetPassed with this person some time in the last two days. I've never met a Mii this... creative.

Meet any unusual Miis? Share below, please!

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    They probably just got it from somewhere like Mii Characters Dot Com

    You must be new.

    Download them via QR Codes. The Miis are good to mess around with, but the novelty wears off fast.

    (And on-topic: I have a Stormtrooper, a Minion, Mr. Bean, Pikachu, Zelda, and some crazy faceless Slenderman in my Mii selections on my 3DS. I still prefer StreetPassing with the Mii that looks like me though.)

    Ah, a pity I didn't get the 3DS outfit when I had the chance. Still, I think my pikachu-link hybrid has a certain charm to it. There is also some hilarity as well in a pikachu with a hockey mask.

    I also found that using the black bottom left beard has the effect of giving it stubby little legs. The makeup setting in the middle of the 3rd row also gives Pikachu's red cheeks

    I was never happy whenever I tried to make myself as a Mii, so I made "Chicken Little" be my character (or Chick Lil' due to the character limit) as I was able to get it surprisingly accurate to the movie.
    Best part about it though is when I would first Streetpass my friends & they would freak out wondering who this Chick Lil' person was. :D

    Ive just got back from two weeks in Japan and in the process added over 400 new mii's to my streetpass collection. It made using the subway fun.

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