Why Everyone Still Talks About Dark Souls

Why Everyone Still Talks About Dark Souls

Dark Souls, man. It’s always there, at the periphery of so many conversations about great games. This game is like Dark Souls, and that game wishes it were as good as Dark Souls, and hey, have you played Dark Souls?

Just about two years ago, I republished the below essay by writer Chris Dahlen about what makes Dark Souls so special. In it, he performs a detailed autopsy of the in-game area Sen’s Fortress, and in the process paints a picture of a fantastically well-constructed game.

I’ve recently been engrossed by The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and more than other recent games in that series it’s reminded me how much Zelda there is in Dark Souls‘ DNA. (And yeah, I really should have bumped this article up for part of our Last-Gen Heroes series, but I didn’t, so here we are. Though we did name the Souls games as a series that defined the last generation of gaming.)

Give it a read, relive Sen’s Fortress, and watch out for mimics.

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