10 Video Games That Were Never, Ever Fun

You might remember John Robertson as the man who made The Dark Room — a smart, occasionally quite funny YouTube game about trying to escape a dark room (spoiler: it's really, really hard to escape a dark room. Apparently. Anyway — the very same John Robertson has made a nice little video about his 10 least favourite video games. It's quite good.

John Robertson is sort of a comedian/performer/guy who does stuff. He's actually done things at various different video games conventions here in Australia. Here's something I didn't know until five minutes ago: he also appeared on Australian Idol. Marcia Hines didn't look all that pleased with him.

Anyway — I enjoyed this video and even if you don't, consider this an opportunity to go and play The Dark Room again!


    Well, it had some merit I guess but it felt like he was trying too hard the whole way through. If he's done the amateur comedy circuit in Australia then that's probably why, a lot of them do the same thing.

    Too video; didn't watch. Some kind soul want to list them?

      The humour from a Robbotron (i.e. John Robertson) video comes not from the content itself, but from his delivery. Too much context for his list of games to translate in to text.

      10 Jewel Master
      9 Beverly Hills Cop
      8 Street Fighter 2
      7 Flciky
      6 Wolfenstein 3d (note this entry makes him and his entire "list" null and void)
      5 Legends of wrestle mania
      4 Robot warlords
      3 Ecco
      2 Captain Plannet and the planeteers
      1 Demolition girl

    "...and Ma-Ti with the power of NOBODY WANTS TO BE MA-TI"

    Now I'm struggling to stop giggling at work, damn you :)

    I first found out about this guy at Supanova. He hosts the cosplay competitions.

      Hosted, past tense. He gave all that up to move to London and pursue his career. Shame; really nice guy, and absolutely hilarious. (But good for him and success and whatnot)

      Last edited 06/01/14 3:06 pm

        oh, I didn't go to last years so I didn't know

          Was very recent. 2013 was his last Wai-Con and Supanova. (Quoting his newsletter. :P)

    Reminds me a bit of Tim Ferguson.

    That was great though.

    12% funny

    Stopped watching at #8 when he mentioned street fighter(s) 2 and didn't even give a good or humorous reason, sorry but it's just blasphemous.

      And Flicky? This isn't just blasphemy - it's treason!

        Street fighter(s) is a terrible and boring game, as are its numerous clones. I grew up with PC gaming, I expect a certain level of quality.

          Wow man. You grew up with PC gaming? What a legend. I guess that makes you some kind of expert. I guess that means classical music cancels out rock n roll, arthouse film cancels out blockbusters, and there can be only one type of everything because why have diversity? There can be only one!

          (*I've been PC gaming since 1988 , owned dozens of consoles and PCs starting around 1983, used to frequent arcades when live competitive gaming for money was a living daily thing - but I don't keep my head stuck in my bum)

            You beat me to the punch... I'm 30 now, had an atari as a kid and started using a pc with an old 486 (complete with turbo button). So yeah I've been a pc gamer for a heck of a long time too. PC gaming is great but it certainly doesn't mean that every game is quality.......

            Street fighter 2 is up there with one of the most iconic games of all time (and best selling). Fighting games aren't for everyone, but when you're (programmdude) one of the only ones in the world to say the game isn't quality then I'm just going to have to ignore you're opinion.

              In fairness he was probably referring more to when his friends played with him and were constantly spammed by jump kicks and sweeps.

    It's 6:32am in the UK and I have just found this article and your comments. You've made my day and it's still dark out. Thanks, guys! (And yes, I was being silly about Street Fighter.)

    I have this urge to buy demolition girl…

    It's unfortunate that I know so many good Australian comedians. Oh yeah, I watched it all, and I now I hurt inside.

    What a painfully unfunny video, it was obnoxious but I was expecting that.
    The list isn't something people can get behind because you used your own shitty experiences to base it on. This alienates pretty much your whole audience because everyone knows Street Fighter II is a paragon of excellence

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