How To Stop Your Valve Games From Bugging Out On Steam

How To Stop Your Valve Games From Bugging Out On Steam

If you booted up Steam today to try to play a Valve game — like Dota 2 or Team Fortress 2 — you may have noticed something funky. Maybe Steam tried to boot up something different from what you picked. Heck, maybe you don't even own the game it tries to boot up at all.

Such is the case with a number of incidents people are reporting on websites like the Steam forums and Reddit.

One person had Dota 2 change to Left 4 Dead 2, for example.

Another person had Portal update on their computer...but they don't even own Portal.

Most of the incidents have something to do with Valve games fusing or swapping with each other, or people seemingly owning Valve games they've never purchased. It's weird. Naturally, though, not everyone is experiencing problems with Valve games right now. But if you are? Good news, chief. There's a fix.

A post by Valve on the Steam forums outlines the following steps:

I believe that refreshing your local configuration files for Steam might solve problems you're seeing.

Please click the following link and confirm the prompt within your client - that should refresh configuration of your client.

Link - clicky:


NOTE: If you have multiple installation folders for games completing this process will remove them.

Perform the following steps to add extra installation folders in your Steam client:

1. Open Steam

2. Click Steam > Settings (Preferences on Mac)

3. Navigate to the 'Downloads' tab

4. Click the 'Steam Library Folders' button

5. Click on 'Add Library Folder' and add the directory that contains your games

6. Click 'OK'

7. Restart Steam

Voila. That should take care of this strange issue. Happy Steam gaming!


    Is this why I have about 30 games wanting large updates?

    What the hell, that's crazy. How can you not own portal

      That's what I thought.... like when I see people that have steam but don't have HL2..... they've sold eleventy-billion copies on steam when its reduced to like $2, and then given away another eleventy-billion copies as giftable items.

      Regardless of that, they are fantastic games! How do you now have a copy?

        I don't have and have never played Half Life 2

          It's nothing special really. I got it free from a mate when he got whatever compilation had it with one of the expansions which is why I got steam in the first place and I'm rather glad I didn't end up buying it. Very dull.

            Watch out the fanboys will murder you.

              Well I said much the same about the first game and am still here, they're not as tough as they sound...

                RAAAGGGEEE TIME!

                I mean, I loved it, but eh, it's a creative industry, all about the customer's opinion.

                People seem to be more protective over the 2nd installment from my experience. I like the Half-Life series but i'm at a point now i'm over it cause Valve are rude and not brought out the 3rd installment.

                  I want valve to bring out half life 3 but really only so people will shut up about it not being released and turning every syllable from every valve press release into proof that its coming out any minute...

          lol. it would be the same if ud say " i dont eat potatos"
          "wow im so badass now"
          u made me laugh ^^

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