Learning English Made All Gooey-Cute

For many in Japan, learning English is hard. Good thing Nanami is here to help. Who the hell is Nanami?

Nanami is the star of upcoming 3DS download title Let's Study with Nanami! English Daily Conversation. Voice actress Nao Toyama once again brings Nanami to life as she did with last summer's Nanami English game for the 3DS.

This time around, students will learn useful phrases like, "I am going to buy an action figure in Akihabara" and "I should not have cried in front of him." Anything that helps people learn is fine by me. Well, almost anything.

ニンテンドー3DS ダウンロードソフト [YouTube]


    Japan tone of voice is that much cuter compared to english.

      Maybe it's just because I have limited experience with the language, (by which I mean that I don't live there) but yeah, Japanese is just a cute language.

      Both the English and Japanese have the fake "super kawaii anime girl" tone of voice added, but it's much more compatible with Japanese than it is with English . You won't meet many "real" Japanese who sound anything like this outside of a maid cafe lol

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