Play The New Castlevania, Learn About Blood.

Play The New Castlevania, Learn About Blood.

Remember Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow? That was a surprisingly good video game wasn’t it? Well, the sequel is on its way and the local distributor has come up with a pretty cool idea. Dracula is all about blood right? The sucking of blood and such like. What if they teamed up with the Red Cross. What if you could play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and learn about the importance of donating blood? Wouldn’t that be swell.

Personally I think it’s a great idea.

The event takes place tomorrow at 5pm at the Elizabeth Street donor centre. The precise address is 20 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

From what I’ve been told the 18-24 year old age bracket is the least informed about blood donation. They are also least likely to give blood, which is a bit sad because you are young and your blood is goddamn delicious. If you have a bit of spare time tomorrow night, why not


  • I would go because I’d hate for Dracula to starve, but I don’t live in Sydney. Will this be a nation-wide thing?

    • Talk to your boss, a lot of workplaces encourage employees to take time off to give blood, a lot of employees just never find out about it.

      • I already gave blood during work time a few weeks back.

        At that time of day there won’t be anyone to cover for me. 24 hour on-call offices can be pretty much skeleton crew at weird times.

  • Hehe. I’ve donated blood once. They told me not to come back.
    Probs ’cause I passed out after they’d taken all the blood out of me.
    Bit embarrassing…

        • it’s so shitty. i couldn’t give blood for ages due to getting tattoed quite often but i’ve stopped now. it not like this is something that’s in your control as a sexual being. it’s so redundant because testing these days is pretty advanced.

      • This has been a thing with blood donating for almost 40 years. While Originally I can understand why, since Gay men were considered extremely high risk for Hep B and aids and knowlingly or not they tainted the blood supply. This gave a number of people the infections in the 70s and they had no way of testing for it, so they simply banned the people with the highest risk, started in America then most followed suit.

        It wasn’t untill 15 odd years later until they could adequately test for those infections. Though in todays day and age the blanket ban is mostly seen as an outdated thing with most countries having a ” had anal sex/prostitute/prison stuff within the past 12 months” up to 5 years. some have removed it entirely. Though it’s also state by state here.

        I personally have a lifetime ban for my illness due to its relatively unknown origins and what not.

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